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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Principles, Not Ideology

What have we become as a nation? Our country was founded upon principles. Even though there were no prohibitions to slavery, drugs, guns, or rock and roll, there were always principles that led most people to do the right thing.

Slavery was not practiced by all, and it was the founding principles that did not interfere with the choice that people made regarding it. Just as we can choose not to patronize corporate brands who employ low wage workers in foreign lands, the free market system will always prevail to bring the best ethics from the providers of goods and services so long as the consumer is ethical also.

We are losing our liberty as we decline in wealth. We are declining as a nation as we lose our ethics and morals. And yet those who we elect to represent us have sold themselves to unethical special interests and corporations that place profits above the ethics and the law. Our representatives have legislated in favor of these corrupt corporations, elevating their rights above that of the individual.

The President and the liberal left do not possess a monopoly on legislation that is contrary to the principles of constitutional government. Many on  the right have supported legislation that is anything but constitutional. The Patriot Act and NDAA are two such examples. The rights of the individual are now secondary to the perceived belief that we are safer with  these laws.

The safest people are those who have the means to protect themselves, for they are the ones that the criminals fear and will avoid confronting. Car-jackers will think twice when enough media reports display would-be-victims taking responsibility for their own safety and use personal arms to protect themselves from these predators.

Lately I have heard arguments against gun bans from the so-called conservative party, that claims that federal weapons bans on such things as nuclear weapons and armored tanks are the only types of restrictions that can be permissible. I disagree.

If you have the wealth to purchase an Abrams Tank or a cruise missile, you have  the right to do so. The 2nd Amendment does not give you the right to bear and keep arms, that is written for the purpose of explicitly putting the federal government on notice that they cannot infringe on the right of the People to protect themselves. Just because the government is given the responsibility to protect all the States and all the People from enemies crossing our border and coming in from the seas, does not exclude the People or the States from protecting themselves. The first part of that Second Article of Amendment makes it clear that the States have explicit right to form their own militias, made up of the well armed and trained residents of the State.

All those laws that have been written since the Constitution was ratified, that clearly violate the limitations of the federal government and or restrict or prohibit the People from exercising their own rights, are not valid as law. We do not need the Supreme Court to offer an interpretation of the Constitution in order for the Constitution to be upheld.

It is with certainty that the complexity of law which is U.S. Code and Uniform Commerce Code, far exceed the constitutional limits on the federal government. Simply put, it is not for the majority of Americans to learn those complex laws, rather learn the Constitution and stick to it. Allow no exceptions in law that bends or breaks the purpose of the Constitution regardless of how socially expedient and necessary it may seem.

More laws do nothing to end the problem. Perhaps the punishment for breaking the law needs to be addressed. Starting with the 535 criminals who hold the entire country in slavery from their mahogany-paneled offices built with the taxes they stole from the States and the People.

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