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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hook, Line, and Sinker - Part 1

As an afterthought to False Flag Operations being carried out by the Federal Government, it is on-going and shows no signs of stopping or letting up. Following the staged;  Waco Event on February 28, 1993, Oklahoma City Bombing Event on April 19, 1995, and the World Trade Center Event on September 11, 2001, and the Sandy Hook School Massacre Event On December 14, 2012, and the Boston Marathon Bombing Event on April 15, 2013, we can only expect more of the same in order to instill fear, instability, and insecurity in the minds of the people of this country.

Like other False Flag Operations, the Sandy Hook School Massacre Event has yet to be resolved to any degree of certainty regarding exactly what happened. All the available information indicates some type of State and Federal Active Shooter Training Exercise. Hundreds of unanswered important questions have been followed by denied FOIA requests which all point to another False Flag Operation carried out by Federal and State Authorities. This FFO was used as an example of why guns should be made illegal and confiscated. 

What can be stated as fact is straight forward.

A Federal 'Active Shooter Training Event' occurred on the same day at the same time in the local area.

Over 1,200 Law Enforcement Officers responded to the Sandy Hook School Massacre event.

First Responders and Police officers violated State regulations, crime scene protocols and procedures, and dozens of state laws. 

It was reported that an Assault Rifle was the only weapon responsible for the deaths. Then two hand guns were supposedly retrieved from the crime scene, then it was reported that there were four hand guns.

No assault rife was found in the trunk of Mrs. Lanza's vehicle. What was found was an un-fired shotgun.

No blood was seen by anyone, anywhere.

No children were processed through any triage area.

No bodies or body bags were transported anywhere at any time. No bodies were seen.

Miss Emily Parker (one of the supposedly deceased Sandy Hook School students) does not appear in any Sandy Hook School class photograph.

Parents of the supposed victims of gun violence were denied positive identification of alleged dead children.

All burials were closed casket to all persons.

The day after the alleged killing of his daughter, Emily Parker, Mr. Robbie Parker gave a press interview which reveals very bad acting at best.

All Information regarding autopsies, death certificates is not available to anyone because it has been sealed under court order by state law.

Name changes and relocation of families were provided by federal funds (your tax dollars at work). They were also provided with shares of $17 million raised through internet donation sites.

Mr. Robbie Parker was setting up an internet donation site before and during the time of his daughter's alleged murder. He opened the account on the day before the Sandy Hook School Massacre Event.

Miss Emily Parker was photographed sitting on the lap of the person occupying the White House, after her supposed death and closed casket burial.

The Sandy Hook School has been razed and the rubble removed by an unnamed company to an unknown location.

Thousands of unanswered questions are all that remain.

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  1. Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker's fake drama-induced performance was enough to convince me it was a government hoax!