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Friday, February 21, 2014

My Response to Senator Merkley's Campaign Manager

I certainly must admit that these people have unmitigated gall! After removing my letter from his Facebook page and then removing my comment regarding the same, I published both Senator Merkley's email and my reply for the Esteemed Readers of the Fix America blog to peruse. But instead of addressing me, the non-representing Senator and his staff not only ignored me, but had the audacity to send me a solicitation for campaign contributions for his re-election!

Following is that solicitation email and my response. I am sure you agree with my position and encourage you to share these posts and write to your own elected representatives and see where they stand on issues of rights and constitutional legislation.


As Jeff Merkley's Campaign Manager, it’s my job to help re-elect one of the strongest progressive champions in the U.S. Senate. 

How will I do that?  By building an impressive grassroots campaign that takes Senator Merkley’s progressive message to every community, every neighborhood, and every doorstep in Oregon.  To do that we need you, and supporters just like you, to join our campaign.

Grassroots support matters, and it’s a way to help the causes you care about. We aren’t just working to win an election.  We’re working to raise the minimum wage, stop corporate polluters, hold Wall Street accountable, take on the giant biochemical industry, fight for marriage equality, and restore the American Dream for middle-class families.

So join us.  We’ve set our biggest monthly goal so far – an aggressive $48,000 target.  There are just seven full days left in February, so chip in $7 right now and let’s make it happen!

When we all stand up, everyone from the Koch Brothers to the Tea Party Republicans take notice.  And make no mistake: they’re coming.  They’re making a list and Jeff Merkley’s on it.  As Karl Rove has said, “Oregon might be next.” 

When the attacks come I want to make sure we’re ready.  $7 today makes you a part of this fight. 

Join us!

Alex Youn
Campaign Manager
Merkley for Senate"

My reply:


The first line says it all! " of the strongest progressive champions.." and that is the problem! We the People do not want strong progressives, we want strong statesman who will stand up to those who dare oppose the rights of the People and try to justify passing legislation that erode our rights.

As I posted on the Senator's Facebook page (which was removed along with my comments about that removal) and on my blog, I feel that all gun laws are unconstitutional, therefore we want our representatives to stand with us in fighting these blatant attempts to disarm the People, and not stand with those who want to take our arms and rights away.

I want you also to understand that I am not a member of a political party nor do I support them. As far as I am concerned, party candidates represent the party agenda and not the will of the People. Senator Merkley has on numerous occasions demonstrated his loyalty to his party and not his constituents by his voting record.

If you think the 'Tea Party' is coming to Oregon, I have a revelation for you:   We are already here! 

I wish you good luck in convincing other Oregonians to back more socialist/progressive party politicians. I certainly will not be in your corner.

In liberty,

Fred Marsico
Patriot and Sovereign

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