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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I Learned Today: Or Elected Servants Think They Are Masters


See below!
I was unable to sleep after attending a meeting of the Corvallis City Council. Something was bothering me and I could not fall asleep. And then it hit me!

I listened to a small group of people who had very little or no direct contact with arms tell the Mayor and City Council why they needed to pass an unconstitutional ordinance to prohibit the open carrying of loaded arms within the city limits. All kinds of figures and percentages about gun violence were offered as testimony, while opposition spoke of rights and Constitution, and lawsuits if this ordinance passes a council vote.

So I finally decided that I would take my allocated three minutes to speak. I am sure that I didn't make many friends on the Corvallis City Council. I told them that what they were proposing was a violation of my rights and that I would not obey such a law, in fact, there would be people from all over Oregon who will come and open carry in defiance of this ordinance. I said that the Constitution is not the source of my rights rather it is the duties and responsibilities and limitations placed on the federal government as well as that of the States. It explicitly states that, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The Bill of Rights limits all levels of government not just the federal government. The People's rights are paramount.

But it wasn't until the early hours of the morning that it finally became clear. Here were a group of people who were elected by a majority of the people of Corvallis to serve their best interests, who were willing to break the law (Constitution) to pass a law (ordinance) to please a small group of "concerned" citizens who claim that seeing people carry loaded weapons made them afraid and added undo stress in their lives.

Imagine that! City Council thought that fear and stress were adequate justification to infringe on the rights of the majority to appease a special interest minority. I reminded them about a little skirmish that occurred with the British Crown when they came to confiscate weapons from the colonists. 

Today is Election Day and I urge the Esteemed Readers to go out and vote. Go out and vote for the people who will protect your rights and not cater to special interests by taking from you what is rightfully yours. 

If We the People stand up and rescind out consent of the form of governance that has evolved from that which was created, we can restore the system to what it was once meant to be.


The Corvallis City Council has decided to drop the open carry ban ordinance. It seems that the State is taking up some new gun control legislation and focus on that is required at this time.

Actually it is time that we put these public servants into their proper place. The rights of the People MUST be protected by the servants in government, not usurped because of social pressures. Freedom loving Americans must unite in common defense of our rights and freedoms.

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