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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Clear Message: Freedom

 With all of the turmoil in the world today, and all the saber rattling by the 'favorites' in the Republican party, a voice of reason gets lost in the din. But not last night!

In what many are calling a 'breakout performance', Kentucky Senator Rand Paul demonstrated why he is the right choice to truly make America the nation it was meant to be.

The CNN debate last night, the final debate for Republican candidates of the year, left little doubt that Senator Paul not only belonged on the main stage last night, but that his stance on the limits of government placed on it by the Constitution are both 'necessary and proper' to restore the nation to prosperity and security.

Each and every candidate stood by the war hawk mentality that we have to spend more, bomb more, determine the fate and policies of other nations through military force and presence. It hasn't helped us and it certainly hasn't promoted stability in any place that foreign policy is applied.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said we need to establish and enforce a 'no fly zone' over the airspace(s) of other nations and shoot down Russian warplanes if they dare enter that space. When did we get the authority over airspace of another sovereign nation? That is an invasion and a cause for war.  Russia is welcomed there, regardless of whether or not US foreign policy makers agree or not.

Billionaire megalomaniac Donald Trump wants to prevent Islamic terrorists from being able to recruit through social media by controlling the Internet. In other words, the First Amendment and free speech advocates are 'stupid'.  Only Rand Paul remained steadfast in defending the Constitution against all of his opponents.

Rand Paul stood up against Marco Rubio on NSA spying and issues of immigration 'amnesty', clearly demonstrating the abuse of power under such unconstitutional acts.

Immediately after the debate and continuing on Twitter and other social media, Rand Paul was hailed as the true champion of freedom and the man to really make 'America great again' even by liberals. I read several posts of Democrats who say they will change registration to vote for Rand Paul in the primaries.

The home run was in the closing statements, when Senator Paul said the greatest danger to the United States was the debt. How can we build border security when they nation is borrowing money at the rate of about a million dollars per minute?

It is apparent that Americans will have to choose whether they want more of the same or a restoration of the principles this nation was founded upon. I see the choice of freedom is embodied in electing a President who understands that above all issues, the Constitution is the point from which actions taken must begin. I we erode our freedoms for the illusion of security we will lose both. Benjamin Franklin knew this and so does Rand Paul. His message is clear:  FREEDOM!

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