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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Making America Great Again

When immigrants came to America, they came with dreams for their futures. America was called the Land of Opportunity, and that is what brought them to these shores. Many came with only the clothes on their backs and a skill or trade that was going to make them a good living. They learned quickly to speak English and taught their children to speak it as well. They never saw it as discrimination, in fact they took pride in speaking like an American. They studied along with their children, the history of the nation and the teachings of its Founders. When they felt confident in their knowledge they took an examination for citizenship that required answers to questions pertaining to this nation's history and the contract between We the People and the united States in union. That contract is called the Constitution for the united States of America. That and no other constitution is the contract between the People and the governmental services company of which George Washington was elected as its President and CEO. 

Greed of the European bankers and kings drove many to seek new lives in America. Up until about the mid-nineteenth century many people left the continent and sailed to America to live their dreams of freedom and prosperity. 

Today in America we have people who come here for free stuff. They could care less about learning English, in fact they find it offensive to be 'forced' to learn English. They don't want to know about our nation's history, and many would like to change it.

And the greed of the bankers now operates here in America taking our wealth like they did in Europe. 

Rather than digress into the causes, it would serve the highest good of all concerned to just point to a way to start to fix what is wrong and get America back to being the great nation that all others aspired to be or of which they were jealous. The long-term and short-term solutions I will opine upon.

People need to start running for local offices. city council, county commissioner, mayor, sheriff, school board member, etc. Not as a career, but to take action to fix the problems. You invoke positive change, empower others to step up and continue the work, and you will sleep well knowing you did your part for making America great again. Start fixing the election system by removing party control and return to free and open elections with no need for 'primary' elections. Regardless of how many candidates there may be, the one with the greatest number of votes wins.

Choose your candidates based on what you learn about then and not on what rumor mongers and mudslingers are saying.  Do the candidates seem forthright and honest or avoiding and distrustful? Do they demonstrate a skill or accomplishment or are you left wondering what did they ever accomplish that is commendable? Do your homework on the candidates who will most immediately impact your life whether its your mayor or the President.

This election is probably the most agonizing and important one that I can recall.  I'm sure that others will debate me on this issue but that debate will have to wait for another time. The focus here is what do we do when it seems obvious that our real choices are Clinton or Trump. I am aware of the other candidates, so don't think that Johnson and Stein were not part of the agony of choosing.

I visited Arkansas in May and had a very good chat with several people who know or know about the Clinton Clan. Evidently it is quite the family affair. I also lived in New Your City and I am familiar with Trump and his successes and failures, and the accusations and rumors. I do admire his business senses. I have yet to see proof of any serious wrongdoing.

So, if I had but one life preserver, and had to save either Hillary or Donald, whom should I save?

Donald J. Trump
45th President of the United States

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