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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Points of Clarification

Administrator Brown's Kangaroo Tribunal fails, despite a valiant attempt to sway the jury in favor of the prosecution's arguments and subvert justice, to find all statute violators guilty. In order to fully understand the lead-in sentence, a few deliberate misunderstandings and misrepresentations need Clarification. First and foremost is the misunderstanding that has been regurgitated by the Government's Educational System for many, many years:  The Constitution is the 'Law of The Land'. Nothing could be further from the truth than that statement.

The 'Law of The Land' referred to in the Constitution is 'Common Law' as opposed to the 'Law of The Sea' or 'Admiralty Law' which is one portion of what Today's Legal System employs to determine if a violation has occurred. Another deliberate misrepresentation is that of Court. Courts were places where the 'law of the land' was applied and determined. Today's Legal System has no Judges or courts where Law is applied or determined:  the Legal System closed or displaced all Common Law Courts;  however, a few have regained lawful Jurisdiction, Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska State Superior Court.

The American Legal System convenes an Administrative Public Policy Tribunal and the person presiding over its proceedings is the Administrator. The Administrator, if no Jury is called to take up the matter, (actions or in-actions [the issue or contest]) against Public Policy Statutes (U.S and State Legislative bodies discuss and generate Public Policy Statutes not Law), and determines if legislative statutes have been violated and assigns 
innocence or guilt, fines and fees, and any other penalties. 

The Legal System has misrepresented itself and taken on the appellation of Court (to which it is not entitled since Law is not practiced or applied) and it has misrepresented statute as Law. United States Code (USC), as well as State Statutes, are NOT Law (Common Law) they are Legislative Statutes. In today's Legal Jurisdictions Corporate Citizens are subjected to regulation (control) by Statute:  this applies to all U.S. Citizens (since the United States is Incorporated and Congress generates Statutes) and all State Citizens (since all States are Incorporated and Legislatures generate Statutes).  

Although the Legal System continues to completely disregard lawful matters brought before Administrative Public Policy Tribunals, Americans are beginning to awaken to the Legal Fraud being perpetrated on the American People. Legal Matters vs Lawful Matters are once again beginning to be viewed by the American Public. Discussion and arguments over the meaning and validity of these current concepts and what they meant during earlier times are again being discussed at the dinner table and in the family rooms of America. Americans are being forced to examine the Legal System and the abuses and issues it has fostered. 

These same abuses and issues were once fought over by our forefathers. The 
Declaration of Independence was an instrument of Grievance and a remedy. 

The Revolutionary War and it's outcome (independence from King George [sovereignty for individuals and the inherent rights gained] and the right to The Law of The Land 'Common Law') have once again become prominent issues in need of Points of Clarification.

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