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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, April 9, 2012

If Things Were Right: Like a Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

In the vision of our founders, demonstrated by the careful word crafting in the compositions that we now call Founding Documents, the explicit limits to federal government are plain. In all of them the rights to all were equal, not that all are equal. One who works for wages, or takes up a trade or starts their own business is not equal to someone who feels those workers, trades, and businesses all must pay to support them because they are entitled. Charity is voluntary not mandatory.

Freedom is something you must both earn and pay for if you are to keep it. The rights of others cannot be infringed upon by you as you would not have your rights be infringed upon by others, without your wanting and willingness to take action to defend those rights. What right did you give to the federal government to use your tax dollars to give to foreign nations? And at what point did you feel obligated to fund "entitlement" programs for people that are not U.S. citizens or simply plain lazy Americans who use excuses instead of brains or physical dexterity to at least earn their own keep?

Somewhere in our not so distant past we began to lose our rights. Property rights, individual rights, privacy rights, and most of the Constitutional rights were deliberately and systematically taken away and there wasn't even a heated public debate to defend those rights. The right to determine where our tax dollars are spent was something that was much simpler to understand when the Constitution limited taxation with apportionment and a budget had to be approved by the elected representative employees and the People of the many States were heard through the voices of those elected Representatives to that post of service. They aren't our leaders at all, they are supposed to listen to their constituents and follow their majority opinion. If they are not following our lead, we need to remedy the problem.

If things were right in this country, our currency would be stable regardless of what other nations currencies are worth. It would be based on a standard weight of tangible asset the worth of which is based on real industrial value and not a formula that requires a four-year Harvard Degree in Economics.

If things were right we would think $100.00 as a weekly wage was doing pretty good. Fuel prices would be less than 25 cents per gallon and a brand new American built automobile would cost less than $5,000.00 with all of the optional extras.

If things were right, education would be the total responsibility of the parents and not the state. Home schooling, charter schools, and eventually that leads to no public (tax funded) schools at all. All the libraries in the world made available on DVD and online for the world to gain knowledge. The classics as written by those who wrote them and not just the opinions of those lessons written by others.  Discussions and debates could take place at a meeting place or online since that enables communications across the continents.

If things were right, we could easily transition from petrochemical fueled vehicles to HHO fuel cell powered electric vehicles. The technology that today is real but at a reasonable cost instead of the premium price that few can afford to pay.

If things were right, regulatory obstacles would be fewer and those additional and unnecessary fees and certifications forced on manufacturers would be eliminated.That would make employment an opportunity that would always be here for younger generations to go out into the world to seek their goals and dreams.

If things were right, I would have work to do and would be self-sufficient instead of desperately trying to produce the rent for every month. I also would be typing less and talking more as the host of an online talk show. But reality is not the same as being right.

If things were right, the known, simple, inexpensive treatments to cure cancer and other illnesses that are so often fatal would be common knowledge and inexpensively available to everyone. If only things were right.

It is the right, and the patriotic duty for all sovereign American individuals to voice their grievances for remedy to those who represent them in our federal government instead of restricted free speech rights and form letters. That remedy begins when we cast our ballots to choose just who will represent us and carry out our mandate for a responsible compliant government and not an irresponsibly reticent and complacent government.

Democrats and Republicans as political parties have taken away our ability to be fairly represented. Those candidates who do not embrace and expound the party ideology are removed from candidacy with the support of the privately-owned major media, who spoon feed spin to the public with the party line of choices while they ostracize the nominees who do not toe that party line.

I have worked for and have been involved with government at all levels and feel there is no level that is not corrupted by lobbying and campaign funding from special interests. While at the same time the media, funded by lobbies and special interests will point the fingers of spin at individuals, groups, and corporations, the problems worsen and never improve.

The presidential election in November, 2012 will be noted as an important historic turning point in the history of the United States of America. It will determine whether America will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, or become absorbed by the global elitists who have been taking over the world  through their banks and the corporations they created.

If we keep voting the same warring bigger government unlimited spending party people into office, we will lose our sovereignty and become slave labor to the statists.


Now that the election is over and Obama stole another four years from the People, will we have any opportunity to regain our prosperity and liberty? Or will we continue to plummet to third-world status?

Obama promised in 2008 that he will "fundamentally change America" and so far he has. The problem is it was not the change that most of us believed in nor wanted.

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