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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, May 13, 2013

True Patriots: Lovers of Liberty

It is not easy to be a true patriot in the United States of America today. The main reason being that the government has written so many laws that violate individual and State's rights, that it will take decades to sift through them all and nullify them all.

One way of handling the problem is at the State level. So my challenge to myself as a patriot is not only to voice my grievances with my elected members of the House and Senate, which alone is a monumental task, but to convince my State representatives in Salem (that is the capital of Oregon for those of you who lack that knowledge) to nullify those federal laws and mandates that go beyond the limitations of the Constitution by the federal government. I will have to vet candidates who also are patriots, demonstrating by how they live their lives and not by their campaign promises and rhetoric.

This is how I choose to express my love of liberty and life. Standing up for principles in the face of social ideology of Utopia that disregards all logic and reason to push their own agenda. Our enemies are those who will take our liberty and property. Be that an extremist faction from a foreign country or a corrupt politician here at home. The causes may be different but for us, the result is the same. A government begins taking from one group to give to another. Problems begin when the number of givers are few when compared to the number of takers. That is a real problem in America that nobody wants to address. 

The Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution at the insistence of the State assemblies to protect their sovereignty and the individual sovereignty of their residents. Think about this: Why do the states have their own constitutions? Wasn't the one we gave the Federal Government sufficient? In fact, for the most part, each state constitution includes the U. S. Constitution within their own, in whole or part. Why?

The Constitution for the united States of America is essentially a contract. We the People, contract and consent to creating a national government with few and limited powers. The Tenth Amendment makes it clear that those powers not reserved for the federal government was reserved for the many States and to the People. The rights of the People are not limited to just those that are clearly defined. The idea that these rights in the Bill of Rights is what We get is erroneous in logic ans commons sense, neither of which was lacking in the founders of this once great nation.

Through indoctrination in the federal mandated and regulated public school system, we now have generations who do not know what the Constitution really is about. They think they get rights from the Constitution. They also think that whatever laws Congress enacts and the President signs, it the law of the land. They really don't know that there are no laws that are valid when they violate the Constitution. Because they don't know that the document is a contract.

Those first ten amendments were for the government to remember that when enacting legislation, the rights of the People and States must always be considered above all else but the very safety of the union itself. The pretense of war and the War Powers Act, the former a treasonous act against the People and the latter an example of unconstitutional acts that are meant to do nothing less than circumvent those very limits of power and the delegation of that power among the three government branches defined in the Constitution.

We also have powers and responsibilities as well. We are the fourth branch of government in a sense. We must protect and defend our rights and property, and that of our neighbors. As more Americans abdicate their power and responsibilities to a government they become enslaved by that government through the corrupt people we elected. 

One of our powers is certainly to replace them through the ballot box, so we must control the elections instead of political parties controlling them. We must protect the vote, assuring that every valid ballot is counted and verified.

It is not the government's job to provide all that it has mandated. Drug laws, gun laws, health care laws are all beyond the limitations placed on government by the People's and State's representatives in the contract we call the Constitution for the united States of America. It was a lawful and binding contract that all parties must adhere to. 

Since the government has obviously not lived up to the contract, We the People must do whatever is required by constitutional means to replace that corruption of government with new representation for the People and States. Further, we must restore integrity to the election system, by wresting control from the parties. What they are doing is unconstitutional and We the People must act now!

2014 elections are too late now to change, but 2016 is far enough away to allow us to make positive changes in the elections.

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