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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Open Letter to the Tea Party

I received this letter via email a few days ago. I had to read through it several times because of the impact it has on me and I trust it will have a significant impact on the Esteemed Readers of this blog.

I am including the list of reference links attached to this letter so you may also do the research for yourself.


To The Distinguished Members of the Tea Party,

I come to you with a heavy heart about something that is plaguing the poor families of this once great country. I say once great because we are now having the government dictate how we should live and raise our children. What I am going to reveal to you hurts the very core of our existence in this nation.

To me this brings to mind Adolf Hitler and his taking of children to train them to be better soldiers for his cause, which we all know failed and we all Thank God for that, but none the less it devastated the children and families. What is happening in this country to poor families across this great land has the same theme, but being covered up by saying it is in the best interest of the children.

Thousands of families that fall below the poverty level are easy prey for DCS and the government is funding this out of the Social Security fund that are supposed to go to the senior citizens and disabled people that mostly depend on that money to barely exist. When President Clinton was in office he signed a bill taking money out of Social Security to help CPS take care of children that were in their care. I am sure at the time President Clinton thought this was a good idea and I believe in the most part it was until CPS figured out a way to use this to fund themselves instead of trying to reunify the families take their parental rights from them. If they know that they cannot take parents rights away, they make the families jump through hoops by doing classes on parenting, take a mental health evaluations and the list goes on all the while keeping children in their custody  to earn money from the federal government.

We all know when you are below the poverty level, you cannot afford to pay for an attorney to represent you and are given a public defender that is employed by the court and is extremely handicapped in representing his appointed client. If the attorney puts in a request, say, for an expert witness, he is usually turned down by the judge  saying we don't have the funds for it. All the while CPS has millions of dollars at their disposal to justify their actions and in 99% of cases the judge agrees with CPS because they believe that the parents are liars and CPS is telling the truth or they may even be getting a kick back from CPS.

If you will look from the beginning  when President Clinton signed the bill, you will find a rise in children being taken from their families and put up for adoption. Most of these families are poor and that is their only crime. Some of CPS's claims might be only that they could not afford toys for their children. 

Mothers have committed suicide after losing their children and husband and wives divorce, all because CPS wants to make money. CPS has lost sight of what they are supposed to do and in part because they make more money by taking the children from the home and removing parental rights to place the children up for adoption.

I love my country and the people in it, I pray for our young men and women being placed in harms way, wanting them to come home to their families safely. I will not fly a flag until this atrocity ends and children are returned to their families.  It seems to me the only time our elected officials cares about anyone is when they need votes to be reelected, making promises to all of us and then as soon as they are elected or reelected, they forget about their promises to us until the next election.

I know you want change and are trying to get the government under control and give it back to the people. What I would like to know- will all of you in the Tea Party stand with me to change this and get the children of good families returned home?

We need to make the public aware of this epidemic in our country, we need men and women that are running for office to stand up for us and say this has to stop and stop now. Make the ones in office be accountable for these families that they have helped destroy. Don't get me wrong there is a need for CPS but they have to get back on track of preserving families if they are able to, not just take them for the benefit of monetary gain. There are thousands of children in our nation that are being abused everyday and yes they should be removed and placed where they will be loved and taught about our Savior which by the way was what this country was founded on. CPS needs to be revamped where they will be productive again in the preservation of families and the protection of children that are truly in need of help.              

I know this Is true not just by the research that I as well as others have done but because it  is  happening to my family and is now in appeals court. My daughter has not seen her children, in February will be for 2 years.  The court sided with DCS because she had a public defender and they won based on the testimony of a mentally challenged person. In a forensic interview my granddaughter admitted that what she said wasn't true, but there was a baby involved and the night we went to try to pick them up, my wife and I were told that we would never see them again because they had someone already to adopt the baby. This was in less than 2 hours after they intervened in our lives.

I am sending  list of websites you can look at as well some stories from families. I do hope you will look into this matter and get on board. Just think this could happen to you when you least expect it. All it takes is for someone that is upset with you call and make an anonymous phone call to the CPS hot line even though it is a lie, your children could be gone in a heartbeat. 

Sincerely Yours,
Warren Howe, Pastor"

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