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Monday, January 25, 2016


The Hammond Family

Fix America has been following the Malheur Wildlife Refuge incident, the Hammond Ranch Incident, and the Bundy Ranch Incident closely and has come across an excellent article authored by John  Marshall parts I and II are here presented for educational purposes of the public.

By John Marshall
January 21, 2016

"I would like to start by saying the Soros controlled communistic media is lying through their teeth to cover up criminality on part of the Justice dept and the government.

This is not an armed stand-off nor was it an armed takeover. An armed takeover would involve weapons being drawn and forcibly taking over a location or building and persons. No weapons were ever brandished or used, so this was not the case at all. There is also no one that is confronting them, so technically it is not a standoff either. It is just an occupation and restoration of our God given rights.

The Malheur Wildlife Refuge is left open in the winter and is not staffed during that time. The Militia is occupying the refuge center and have renamed it the Resource Center to help the ranchers get back their lands and livelihoods. This is also the location that was used by the BLM to carry out their dastardly deeds.

They are currently working to get a common law judge and a common law grand jury in place to handle this problem and free the Hammonds. They are also cleaning up the place that looks like no one has ever done such a thing. There is a huge rat infestation with droppings everywhere and equipment is just struan about and the place is just filthy.

This is how the government takes care of the buildings and equipment that you paid for.

This refuge, that is kept open and operating with the public's money, is not being maintained or cared for at any time of the year. It appears as though it has never been cleaned since it has opened five years ago but the BLM wants to manage our land? Well, they have effectively created the same disorder and mess for our farmers ranchers lands.

The lying dying controlled press loves buzz words like heavily armed, standoff, takeover, domestic terrorism for sensationalism and hype because they are a dying press with viewer ship as low as a small radio station on Monday morning.

Harry Reid from Nevada who was involved in the Bundy Ranch standoff calls our constitutional militia domestic terrorist. No terrorism has taken place! To the contrary, Harry Reid is a domestic terrorist calling for the execution of the militia as did Chris Christy the schlep from New Jersey who thinks they should all be wiped out. And Montel Williams had to join the fun by calling for them to be wiped out also. What is wrong with these vermin's minds or do they even have one?

No one has been injured but the ranchers and farmers by the government, no violence has taken place, and no damage has been done, yet the globalist minions on the programming tube want to see them murdered. Have they no scruples? Apparently not!

If anything, this ordeal is showing the world who the real enemies of this republic are. The George Soros controlled left communistic media, their empty talking heads, the presstitutes, and the elected officials who brand our constitutional militia as terrorist are in fact the real terrorist against this republic while state governments stand idly by.

Harry Reid also had a hand in the Bundy Ranch standoff because he was instrumental in getting hundreds of families off their lands they've owned for generations and in this case the Bundy's were the last men standing.

Harry Reid it turns out was trying to give the land to China to build a solar and wind farm that Harry 's son would run. Now Harry Reid wants the constitutional militia murdered? Why is Harry Reid still running around free? How can someone call for the murder of someone on national television and still roam free? Soros controlled press that's how. Reid is the epitome of corruption and should be made an example of with a rope. ( after a fair and impartial trial of course, something the Hammonds did not receive.)

There is an ocean of ignorant press, lying and twisting things to demonize the militias, and that should send up red flags for any constitutionally minded person because it could mean you're next.

I want to inject some reality and truth into this courageous situation and you tell me who the terrorist are;

The Bundy operation is supported by hundreds of hard working Americans taking back their lands from federal government overreach. That includes past victims and patriots who realize it's time to exercise their oath and their God given rights.

The lands, to clarify the incorrect assumption that the federal government owns the land, are public lands owned by the State of Oregon not the federal government they have no deed to the land. Article 1 section 8 clause 17 states the federal government cannot own land except for ten square miles designated as a military base or outpost and they have to go through the state legislature to obtain that deed and they have to compensate the owners fairly. In this situation and hundreds of others, the government has failed to do that.

For all of these injustices, where are the States? Counties? Sheriffs? Governors? Attorneys General? District Attorneys? I’m hearing from some people, but getting DEAD SILENCE from our “representatives”, excepting congressman Greg Walden. See the video below.

Some facts here from The Citizens Wire to the issue of burns;

• Miller homestead wildfire 2012 burned 160,000 acres
• Barry Point fire in Lake County 93,000 acres
• Summer 2015 799,974 acres burned in Oregon
• Malheur Long Draw fire burned 557,000 acres.

"The federal government will frequently go on private land without permission to back-burn...that happens all the time...nobody went to prison for that..."

"Hammonds are in prison tonight for setting a back fire...139 acres...They will sit in prison...5 years."

There are many videos showing the government starting these supposed wild fires in Washington, Oregon and California.

This is a case of land and resource theft and the government knows it, that's why they are silent as a kid caught red handed.

The feds have just usurped the land away from farmers and ranchers all over the west and the states and sheriffs do nothing to protect their citizens from the government, so with petitions ignored and all redress of grievances ignored, this occupation has happened in response to their inactions. If BLM is allowed to continue, so will the occupations and protests.

Judge Ann Aiken the second sentencing judge who should know what double jeopardy is, was responsible for getting the sage grouse on the endangered species list that was used to claim lands away from the owners like the Hammonds under the false pretence of environmentalism and saving endangered species.

This is how agenda 21 operates using environmental Nazis and rigged federal courts to steal land and resources. Look up the council on bio-diversity and read agenda 21, you can download the PDF from the UN website.

Many lands stolen from farmers for instance have ended up in the hands of big Agra who are aggressively trying to shut down small farmers and ranchers around the country so they can be the one world food source. Most health conditions associated with food came about after big Agra started processing our food.

In the case of Southern Oregon ,the environmental Nazis had successfully shut down numerous mills stating the spotted owl needed old growth forest to reproduce which was a lie as the spotted owl was breeding itself out of existence with the larger Bard owl anyway. So now as before they try again with the sage grouse which is not endangered at all but instead a useful tool of the globalist and agenda 21. There are people in the environmental movement who study all the wildlife in an area to determine what they can exploit to steal land and resources. I'm sure there's are some well intentioned people in the environmental movement, but the fail to realize they are useful idiots.

These assaults are leaving decimated economies in their wake while not providing some kind of alternative training for the generations of timber and ranching families unable to do anything else. So many go homeless, get involved in the drug trade, or become vagrants while the counties are sheepishly wondering how this happened and what are they going to do with all the homelessness and vagrants. The counties created it now fix it.

The Sheriff David Ward who acts like the cowardly lion may not realize he has the power to keep the feds at bay and out of their county, but in this region of the country we have too many sheriffs dishonoring their oaths to the constitution while allowing the usurpations to take place. If sheriff Ward really wants them to go home, then start by freeing the Hammonds and that may happen.

Any sheriff dishonoring their sworn oath should be recalled immediately to prevent further damage to our lands, livelihoods, and freedom. Side note; the BLM agent that lied on the stand against the Hammonds was named David Ward also.

The sensationalized stories on the mind sucking tube are full of lies, half truths and outright cognitive dissidence on part of the controlled media monsters.

The truth is, this is all about jurisdiction and the fact the federal government does not have jurisdiction over a states lands. Territories yes, but once it becomes a state on an equal footing the federal government loses all control.

One problem is, the states are too afraid to say anything for fear of losing funding the federal government bribes them with, but the ironic thing is the federal government is bribing the states with their own money they gave to the government which is lent back at interest.

Why do the states put themselves in that compromising position when they could just keep that money as a sovereign state and tell the feds to take a hike. The federal reserve, the state legislators, the governor, the attorney general, and the state and county governments are to blame for all of this. They are the complicit who let this happen at the expense of the public's livelihoods, their freedoms.

Those state entities and individuals are the reason the government is allowed to trample the constitution by turning a blind eye, therefore, making them complicit in all this tyranny. So as a result, the elected officials violating their oaths should be removed, never able to be in public office again. For part two click below

In Oregon we do not possess any common law court systems instead it's a federal admiralty court system that can care less about what happens on the land since it's maritime law, the law of the sea, where the constitution doesn't apply, so the agents of the crown (lawyers) and corporations are free to trash our supreme law of the land. This is why Ammon is looking to set up a common law court system that is rightfully the court system for the land. But since the War Powers Act the federal government has been running admiralty courts because we are constantly under a state of war in fact we haven't left a state of war since WW1.

To understand the charges, a charge of arson has to prove malicious intent, there was no such thing ever, it was an accident the first time that burned approximately 139 acres of public land that had no one on it, no buildings were destroyed, and no injuries occurred and the Hammonds put it out themselves. Arson was used by federal prosecutor with no jurisdiction to get the Hammonds off their land.

Also, the second fire was done in defense of the Hammond Ranch after BLM thugs tried to burn them out as they have done to countless other ranchers and farmers, so a back fire was lit to keep the flames from approaching the house and that's when it got away from them and federal fire fighters had to put it out on public land, again burning only sage brush and some small trees. No injuries, no persons, and no structures were in danger or harmed.

Do people realize, that the Hammonds were tried twice, double jeopardy, for the same crime by reclassifying them as terrorist by Amanda Marshall the federal prosecutor appointed by Obama?

Did you know, the Hammonds had already done their time the first time but the federal prosecutor said it wasn't enough, so she sent them back for the full five year sentence as part of federally mandated minimum sentencing for eco terrorism.

Do people realize federal minimum sentences are unconstitutional especially where there’s no jurisdiction and mitigating circumstances? Do you know that all unfunded mandates to the states are illegal as well?

Dwight Hammond 73 and Steven his son 46 will not see the outdoors for the remainder of time spent, which means the son will get out first and the father who received a lighter sentence initially of 3 months, will still be in prison defenseless for another seven months after Steven leaves. This is an egregious miscarriage of justice and the federal judge Aiken and prosecutor Marshall should be disbarred. I dare those able to initiate this to do it. If any harm comes to either of those men while in custody, then charges should be brought up on the judges, BLM, Forestry Service, and the fed prosecutor.

Did you know, Amanda Marshall the federal prosecutor was under investigation and has resigned claiming health reasons, (PTSD lie) She should ask the Hammonds about PTSD? She inflicted it! While working, she was involved with a co-worker that she continually harassed at all hours of the night with texts and phone messages? I think she ducked out to avoid prosecution.

Do you know, that Amanda Marshall over stepped her jurisdiction by insisting to overrule the original judge's order where he stated, "the mandatory sentence was cruel and unusual punishment"?

Do people realize that the Hammonds received threats from Amanda Marshalls justice dept stating," If you talk to anyone about this we will send Dwight and Steven to a less than desirable prison". That would essentially be a death sentence for Dwight Hammond 73.

Did you know, that the second Judge Ann Aiken that ignored the double jeopardy order was appointed by Clinton? That should speak volumes since it was Clinton that got the ball rolling on the UN's Agenda 21 in the early nineties.

Do people realize, setting prescribed burns to rejuvenate the land is common practice for ranchers as was the case in the accident of the first fire in 2001. The BLM however, were doing their burns in July not in the fall when it's normally done.

Do people realize the BLM has burned over a million acres illegally to flush out ranchers in the area and other parts of the country so as to confiscate land and resources from innocent hard working ranchers and farmers not to mention the firefighter lives they put in jeopardy?

Do people know that the BLM claimed first rights to the Hammond ranch land if they go bankrupt from all the litigation the BLM has caused them to pay for. That's over a million dollars so far, that the state of Oregon should pay back to the Hammonds with interest after they are released from their unjust confinement. BLM has no legal claim nor has the jurisdiction. BLM also has no policing or arresting powers yet they intimidate innocent people with threats of arrest.

Where are the charges for impersonating a law enforcement officer? Where are the eco-terrorism arson charges for the BLM? They certainly had malicious intent starting fires in July. Just watch this video and you will see for yourself the tactics of this out of control agency as they go about their routine. In the case of this video there are no prior charges, no judge or jury, no due process, and no redress of grievances, no compensation. Just dead cattle and burned out homes and buildings.

Do people realize this is UN agenda 21 and Cloward and Piven at work to take land and resources from the owners to give it to corporate Chinese interests for the fraudulent debt created by the federal reserve thugs, so the Chinese and others can obtain the huge cash of uranium and rare earth minerals that’s under the ground there in Harney County?

The Chicoms are currently buying up all the rare earth minerals from around the world they can get their hands on. The world is being dived up by the globalist interests and we the people are not included in their plans.

Do people realize in the case of the Bundy’s it was later discovered that Harry Reid was trying to get the land to give to a Chinese company for a solar and wind farm that his son would run? That's some extreme cronyism.

Do people realize the government cannot own land unless the process for a military base or some out post is done through the state legislature and the owners are properly compensated while being limited to ten square miles? Article 1 section 8 clause 17.

Do people realize this is not within the jurisdiction of the federal government to take land or own it?

This is about the takeover of America using agenda 21 but the media scum want to vilify an innocent ranching family to hide the illegal persecution, prosecution, confinement, and theft of their land and resources.

Does the public at large realize they are all under attack from the real terrorist like the BLM, the UN, the American Planning Association, ICLEI, and the Forestry Dept. responsible for stealing land and resources, burning out hundreds of ranchers, farmers, and intimidating civilians.

It’s all on film how they burn down houses and put towns like French Glen in danger and kill cattle burning them alive. The BLM also killed hundreds of head of cattle belonging to the Bundy’s, no due process, no jury, no trial, no charges, no compensation. You don't hear any of this in the controlled media.

Do people understand this is theft by this tyrannical government using agenda 21?


The constitution is the supreme law of the land and it has not been violated by the Bundy’s or the Hammonds at any point, but the media presstitutes continue with their controlled fictitious statements of illegalities on part of the Bundy’s and Hammonds.

In fact, a state reps was reading off charges at a town hall meeting in Burns recently about the situation without due process, while the accused were never told of these charges nor have they been charged. That town hall meeting was quite communistic telling a reporter Pete Santilli to shut up before they threw him out for mentioning the constitution ( the Chicoms would be proud of them) and by the way none of the real important people were there to speak out as those town folks asked for it to all go away without regard for the constitutionality or the rights of the Hammonds. Those people are profusely ignorant!

Ammon Bundy and the crew have stated they want this to be a peaceful restoration of the land and resources back to the rightful owners and they will stay as long as it takes but that they are prepared to defend themselves from a tyrannical government. They are located 50 miles south of Burns to keep from interfering with daily life there, but the school district nannies shut the school down fearing for the children.

Talk about scare tactics and overreacting, using the children's safety excuse like the sycophants always profess to be protecting them while perverting them and turning their brains into mush with a dose of common core. The school has since been reopened.

To all you ignorant and otherwise brain dead public turn off your television, better yet get rid of it and READ the supreme law of the land, it is what governs this republic not the nihilistic corrupt government.

If we do not abide by this doctrine then soon this lawless society will fall into total anarchy just the way the globalist want. Order out of chaos is their mantra, and you the public will be the ones to allow it to happen if you do nothing. Call your state representatives and tell them to free the Hammonds immediately.

Together we stand, divided we fall, now come on people, let's get on the ball, and work together, come on, come on, let's work together, right now people...because together we will stand with every boy, girl, woman, and man. (Canned Heat)

Let's put the real terrorist in prison, lets prosecute the guilty that control our government like George Soros (Schwartz) who is instrumental in all the corruption and unrest around the globe. Lets kick the government to the curb and replace it before we have to water the profoundly thirsty tree of liberty. God Bless the militia and God Bless America!."

© 2016 John Marshall - All Rights Reserved

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