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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Farce Continues: And You Bought It All!

With only weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, it is obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the possibility that Hillary Rodham Clinton may face criminal charges along with several other members of her staff. That is at present, only the remotest of possibilities, because the Department of Justice is more focused on those who slander Islam than doing the right thing by pressing charges against real criminals. So far, it seems that Loretta Lynch is nothing more than Eric Holder in a dress.

On the other side of the illusion of a two-party political system, the Republican establishment is doing its very best to lose every aware and freethinking independent voter they will need to secure a White House win in 2016.

The Independent Voter Network has been pushing for wide open primary elections but the People are not listening. Instead they are hypnotized by a narcissistic megalomaniac billionaire, who beats his own chest claiming He will make America great again.

America is great, it has great People, who have great minds and desire to succeed in life. They want a good home for their families, the ability to labor and reap the rewards, to pray has they wish, and to help others when they can. What they lack is good representation in the corrupted system of government that has replaced the constitutional representative Republic and the system of self-governance, with a legislative democracy in which the People not only have no voice, but are enslaved to its power by force.

In 2008 when Barack Obama was hardly known and Hillary Clinton appeared to be the Democratic nominee, the Republicans had several candidates vying for the nomination. Among them was the Gentleman from Texas, Congressman Ron Paul. The GOP ignored him and his popularity among the younger and independent voters, and instead nominated former Vietnam POW (and alleged fraternizer with the enemy) Arizona Senator John McCain. Again in 2012 the GOP with the help of George Soros funding on the left, cheated Dr. Ron Paul out of the nomination and offered up Mitt Romney along with his lying running-mate, the freshman Congressman Paul Ryan, who was endorsed by the Tea Party on the promise of no more raise in the debt ceiling. He lied.

The privately-owned major media also colluded to make Ron Paul seem like an outcast, and succeeded by not even mentioning him the polls. Which brings us around again to what is happening currently.

Fox Business and Fox News both have made it abundantly clear that they do not like Rand Paul. In many of their online polls, Rand Paul's name is rarely included, instead the choice is 'Other.' In those polls however, 'Other' tops all the candidates, demonstrating that the 'Other' is none other than Senator Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

By moving two candidates onto the main stage (both of whom poll behind Senator Rand Paul), by splitting the candidates into two tiers, is in itself, a public demonstration of the power the media has in controlling what the People think by what they are shown. Apparently, most Americans are swallowing the bait and are once again going to allow the parties and their media whores to control their choices.

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