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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

There is no joy in Mudville, or He laid down his hammer and he cried, "Lord, Lord," He laid down his hammer and he cried.

Many of Fix America's Esteemed International Readers have asked a 
number of Questions which require real answers.

What in the world has happened in Burns Oregon?  Why are unarmed 
Americans being murdered by Americans?  When are Americans going to 
wake Up and realize what is happening to America, and the peoples' 
Unalienable Rights?

Contrary to U.S. government propaganda the Privately Owned Major Media is 
spewing out onto the ears and minds of the public, the real events are 
quite different. I will attempt to answer these questions as-best-as I 
am able. It is time to make several points very clear.

1. There was a peaceful rally at the County Court House at the County 
    Seat of Burns, Oregon.

       The people in attendance were there to voice their discontent 
       of the actions of the Bureau of Land Management (a for profit 
       private corporation chartered in Porto Rico) in the County. 
       Their complaints regarding the out-of-season Burning of rangeland, 
       Burning of livestock corrals, Burning of ranch Structures on private 
       property, the burning of Live stock, and setting fires and leaving 
       them unattended to burn out of control. These actions have been 
       occurring for more than a decade and local and state authorities 
       have refused to take any kind of action or notice of complaints.
       This activity has resulted in ranchers being literally burned out. 
       of there homes and businesses. The BLM has then purchased the land 
       for a fraction of the amount the ranches they destroyed were worth.

2. Unknown to the Hammonds, Three Percenters, and The Oath Keepers and 
    the general rally goers, the Bundy group decided to occupy the Malheur 
    Wildlife Refuge without telling anyone in advance, and no one at the time they 
    did so.

3. There was no armed takeover, standoff, or shootout at anytime at the Malheur 
    Wildlife Refuge or anywhere on State Highway 395:  although, it should be 
    remembered that a new set of rules has, at the moment, been placed into force
    by the new Owners of the United States Inc. 
It should be remembered also that a takeover is the permanent change 
of residence or ownership, a standoff requires brandishing of weapons 
    by both sides, and A shootout requires fire and return fire from opposing 

There was an occupation (old school-sit in) by as few as ten and as 
many as twenty people of the seasonally Closed (open to the public 
Wildlife Refuge). People came and went and no weapons were brandished 
by any of the occupiers at anyone. 

4. Some of the people occupying the Refuge had rifles and pistols. 

This is allowed in Oregon. Oregon is an Open Carry State. Concealed 
        Handgun Licenses are issued by the State of Oregon. Concealed Carry
licenses from some other States are honored. 

5. The FBI arrived in Burns and set up a Local Area of Operations at the Airport.

6. The Judge, Steve Grasty, and the Sheriff, David Ward, had been notified of 
   their unlawful activities by a U.S. Superior Court Judge in regard to their 
   refusal to uphold their respective constitutional duties and were reminded 
   of their Constitutional Oaths of Office and their jurisdictions, of which  
   all had been ignored and continue to be ignored.

7. The people of Harney County formed a Committee of Safety (a time honored 
   procedure - back to Colonial Times) to take matters into the hands of the 
   people when Officials and Authorities ignore the people and their matters of 

8. The committee presented their Proposal of Resolution to the Board of County         
    Commissioners for Harney County, Sheriff Ward, Judge Grasty, the 
    appropriate State and Federal Authorities and in addition was hand delivered 
    to an Agent  of FBI at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. 

The unnamed FBI Agent stated that it was above his paygrade and would 
be passed up the chain of command.

9. The Bundy's and a handful of others were traveling (in two conveyances at the 
    suggestion of Mark McConnell, the most probable Government Mole and 
    infiltration agent) from the refuge to a town meeting at the invitation of meeting 
    organizer Tad Houpt not Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer in the nearby    town 
    of John Day in neighboring Grant County where some four-hundred people were                   gathering to hear what the Bundy's had to say. It further has been established by the             other people traveling in the white truck that Robert LaVoy Finicum was unarmed
    as he had left his six shooter at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

A peaceful gathering to find out what, if any, progress was being made 
in Burns Oregon with Officials or Authorities. The Sheriff and the Fire
Marshal in Burns had recently resigned and an Unelected Sheriff had been 
appointed by the local Judge, Judge Steve Grasty. The town's only judicial 
representative, Judge Grasty, has for some number of years ruled in favor    
of the BLM or refused to hear legitimate complaints of the residents of 
Harney County regarding the BLM. He very recently stated that only 
        selected people were going to be allowed to attend Public Meetings in 
        Burns Oregon.

10.The Unelected Governor of the State of Oregon, Kate Brown, was under 
      pressure from the Obama Administration in Washington D.C. to "Take 
      care of the problem by whatever means are necessary." She issued orders 
      to the Oregon State Police to take care of matters by whatever means were 
      necessary  and they were aided by the Deschutes County Major Crimes 
      Team. The FBI worked in conjunction with the Oregon State Police and the 
       Deschutes County Team.

11.Initial stop and final Fatal Road Block incident 

At approximately 4:25 p.m. (PST) Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the 
Oregon State Police (OSP) and Federal Bureau of Investigation 
(FBI) began an enforcement action (road blocking several highways-
US 395 was but one), aided by the Deschutes County Major Crimes 
Team. Two vehicles were stopped. The lead first vehicle, a jeep, 
driven by Mark McConnell, security consultant, a passenger, Ammon 
Bundy and Brian Cavalier (AKA: King Booda, Booda Bear, Buddha), 
Bundy's personal Body Guard. In the following second vehicle, a 
truck, traveling as a group to John Day, and driven by Robert 
LaVoy Finicum were, Ryan Payne, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, and 
Victoria Sharp, 18. 

The following second vehicle, a white truck, pulled around the 
Jeep and stopped in the road (according to Mark McConnell). The 
white truck left the initial stop site because authorities began 
shooting blindly into the truck and it was at this time Bundy's 
shoulder was wounded. The white truck traveled a mile further down 
the road and arrived at a previously set up road block. After 
swerving to avoid the roadblock, the truck came to rest in a 
roadside snow bank. At this time, the order of events is unclear, 
whether tear gas was released or whether Flash-Bangs were detonated 
or whether some number of warning shots were fired;  however, some 
number of all were released, detonated, and discharged. The white 
truch sustained more than one hundred bullet holes. It is clear from 
Miss Sharp's account no one in the truck handled or discharged a 
firearm at any time. Robert LaVoy Finicum exited the vehicle and 
words were exchanged with authorities. Unarmed and with hands raised 
Mr. Finicum may have approached the authorities or may have lost 
his balance in the knee deep snow and was shot a number of times. 
According to Miss. Sharp, authorities approached the fallen and 
wounded Finicum and fired three more rounds which killed him.

The unedited footage, which has only been modified to blur out 
aircraft information, was taken by an undisclosed U.S. Agency's 
drone was released by the FBI on 01/28/2016. 

It can be seen at approximately 9:28/26:28 that Mr. Finicum, after 
exiting the truck and walking several steps, with his hands up or 
outstretched, lowers one arm. It has been stated by various eye 
witnesses that Mr. Finicum only dropped one arm in response to being 
wounded in the right side torso by two officers coming from the road 
and as he turned around was wounded several more times by the officer 
who had been approaching Mr. Finicum from his six-o'clock position. 
A total of nine shots with one being in the face were fired. 

It has been established that Robert LaVoy Finicum owned and wore a six 
shot revolver on his right hip but that he had left this pistol at the 
Refuge, and did not carry or own a 9mm of any type, and was carrying no 
firearm of any type in the white truck.

12. The FBI stated that a 9mm handgun was found on or near Mr. Robert LaVoy 
      Finicum. This Drop Gun was later identified as having been stolen in neither 
      Oregon or Nevada, but a different un-named State.

Considering the statements of thoes traveling with Finicum; that he 
was unarmed, that he did not have or own a 9mm, that he had left his 
six shot revolver type pistol at the Refuge, it can only be suggested 
that the handgun was planted by Oregon State Police, Federal Authorities, 
or by some other agency.

As to the Second Question asked, "Why are unarmed Americans being 
murdered by Americans?"

He wasn't murdered by Americans, he was killed by mercenaries working 
for a Foreign Corporation operating outside their lawful jurisdiction 
and with the intent to quash the spreading virus (Senator Ron Wyden's 
comment regarding the Americans realization that something is seriously 
wrong with the U.S. Government to Mr. James B. Comey, seventh and 
current Director of the FBI) with overwhelming Force. The United 
Nations (UN) doing-business-as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 
doing-business-as The UNITED STATES, a Government Services 
       Corporation now recently chartered and incorporated in France has a new 
       set of rules and public policy that will never be accepted by any American. 
       Please, remember what Americans did with the League of Nations which 
       was the second salvo of this same group of Psychopathic Sociopathic 
       Megalomaniacal would be Rulers of the Know World.

13. After the murder of Mr. Robert LaVoy Finicum, an attorney representing the 
      people of Haney County contacted the U.S. Provost Marshall with a request 
      for Military Forces to remove the FBI and U.S. Military Forces that had now 
      occupied the town of Burns. The people stated that they were in fear of 
      loosing their lives. The attorney stated from his memory that the Oath he 
      took stated that the U.S. Armed forces were required to uphold and protect 
      the Constitution and therefore the people from all enemies both foreign and 

The attorney was told the matter would be passed up the chain of command.

14. It is to be understood clearly that Americans do not have Constitutional 
      Rights:  they do have Unalienable Rights and can not be forced to give 
      them up. The Constitution for the united States of America is on its face 
      an Equity Contract and an enumeration of 19 services that are to be 
      supplied along with enumerated restrictions which the Company or the 
      United States Inc. shall not abrogate and nothing more. It should be taken 
      into account, and there is much that needs to be accounted for, that the 
      company, The United States Inc. and the current UNITED STATES a 
      franchise corporation of the United Nations have all abrogated all of the 
      stipulations covered in the Constitution for/of the u/United States of America 
      and the contract is null and void.

Americans need to understand exactly the types of frauds perpetrated 
by the Federal Government on the people of America and on the States. 
The United States of America Inc. doing-business-as the Federal 
Government (a bankrupt corporation, July 1st 2013) and its franchises 
the fifty States and the seven territories or Quasi-states have no 
lawful jurisdictional standing on the land and no authority. Americans 
need to realize these facts and more.

15. It should be clear to everyone the Federal Government does not reveal the 
      whole truth and the current administration's claim of transparency has been 
      revealed to be completely opaque and worse and this corporation and its 
      franchise corporations are all perpetrating frauds on the American People. 

As to the question of when are Americans going to wake Up and realize what is 
happening to America?

I have thought long and reasoned carefully regarding the method or technique 
with difficulty to awaken the American People to the danger they are facing right 
now. I can state for a fact that Americans have been trained like Pavlov's dogs and have critical attention spans as-short-as the commercials on television and attention spans of about forty-five minutes (the length of the average public school classroom period beginning and ending with the bell. Americans are further hindered by a reduced capacity to read or understand what they have read due to a complete lack of education in attention, reasoning skills, comprehension, to name just a few of the skills necessary to comprehend any discipline. 

Americans have been horribly mentally crippled by the complete lack of the true 
historical events not covered in American Public Education. Events that have 
forced this set of conditions on America (namely, the type of system of 
Governance and its legal and lawful legitimacy and obligations which has been 
in place since the Eighteen Sixties, and has recently changed ownership once 
again. This time to a group of Megalomaniacs who want to rule the world by whatever means are necessary. 

A better understanding of how this came to be can be found in the book "You Know Something Is Wrong When....."An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" by Anna Maria Reizinger & James Clinton Belcher, ISBN-10: 1491279184, ISBN-13: 978-1491279182" This is required reading for any and every American who wants and needs a true account of international business and how it has affected Americans and American History.

Another Companion Book "Disclosure 101: What You Need To Know – July 1, 2014, by David E. Robinson  (Author), Anna von Reitz (Original Author), ISBN-10: 1500352012, 
ISBN-13: 978-1500352011" is a more technical description of what has taken place and is a must read for any and every American who wants and needs a true account and the current state of our country.

Summing up the situation is simple. There is light at the end of the tunnel;  however, the 
tunnel is long and dark.

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  1. Very informative. Love the bullet-point format. Concise and effective!

    I have to correct one small, but extremely important point - Sheriff Palmer did NOT invite the Bundy bunch to the meeting in John Day. They were invited by the organizer, Tad Houpt. Sheriff Palmer was only to be a speaker at the meeting, but was not involved in organizing the event.

    - End the BLM