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Thursday, September 8, 2016

America As It Should Be

The Esteemed Readers of this blog know that many of these individual issues have been addressed before in the many posts we have published since 2008. The following article by an ex-CIA spy and former US Marine, calls on Congress to take immediate actions.

Fix America calls on its Esteemed Readers to call and write their delegates in Congress and in their respective State assemblies to take action to bring the federal government back into compliance with its original and enumerated duties and responsibilities to the States and the People respectively.


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Source - The Mind Unleashed

by Lance Schuttler, September 4th 2016

Robert David Steele is no stranger to telling things how they simply are. And just this past week, he has once again made several paradigm-shifting statements that is bound to get the attention of many throughout the world. In addition to calling for the end of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Homeland Security and major reform and criminal investigations into the FDA and Center for Disease Control, he has called for Senator Rand Paul and Speaker Paul Ryan to introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016.

This act, if done in September of 2016, would demand that paper ballots would be used in all federal elections. Obviously then, this would be a curveball to the plans of the global elite who are backing Hillary Clinton and who many believe rigged the primaries and would like to rig the Presidential vote in November. Essentially, this would be a positive step forward for the world in that much truth would continue to leak out into public awareness.

Robert Steele, who is a former US Marine and CIA spy, trained officers in over 66 countries in open-source methods. Open source technology and information is a way to ensure transparency and truth on all levels and on any issue throughout our world. In his recent article Libertarians Now or Never, Robert Steele talked about these issues listed above, including the abolishing of the IRS, Federal Reserve and the enacting of the Electoral Reform Act of 2016:

Put most simply, a Libertarian believes that individuals, families, and communities should decide most if not all of the issues that arise from day to day and over time, not the federal government.

Libertarians have not reached the point I have, after a study of the Constitution and our history, which is this: we are the United STATES of America, therefore the federal government should be an administrative service to the STATES united, not an imperial power. If I were elected president, I would appoint a Governor-General and begin the process of terminating the illegal mandate that allows the federal government to tax individuals and organizations and to borrow money.

States should collect such revenue as they see fit from their citizens — I recommend a single Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax administered and collected by the states — and states should fund the federal government by agreed upon appropriations from each state.

In passing, I would cancel all Executive Orders and refer them to the Speaker of the House for legislative consideration. All federal regulations — including the newest forbidding the public from swimming with dolphins (I don’t make this crap up) — would be suspended.

The Center for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration would be suspended and investigated toward probable criminal indictments against all their “leaders” while the Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Reserve would be closed, plain and simple, with “soft landing” transition plans for all their employees. The Departments of Education and Energy, among others, would be subject to a zero-based review and at least cut in half if not eliminated entirely, subject always to Article 1 of the Constitution — it’s time we totally recast the government, to include harmonization of Congressional committee jurisdictions with the organization of the executive branch and vice versa.

Note 1: 10th Amendment plays here. The STATES are not exercising their power under the Constitution.Nullification and if necessary secession are vital parts of the Constitutional relationship between the STATES and the federal service that has become an imperial power owned by banks.

Note 2: As I said in my appearance in the Hollywood documentary, American Drug War: Last White Hope, marijuana is the seam between a public that thinks for itself and a government that lies for the banks and corporations that thrive on fencing the commons and making private behavior illegal so they can profit — make no mistake, the drug industry is about liquidity for the banks that launder the money, the criminal gangs are merely de facto agents of the banks. Cannabis in all its forms including oil cuts tumors in half or more and addresses cancer in a manner the government and the corporations actively cover up. The criminal insanity of a government that cares more about profits for the few at the expense of the many must be ended. The immediate legalization of marijuana (and hemp, which has many substantial industrial uses) is non-negotiable.
Robert sees this being the perfect time for such a conversation because it would then be no longer possible for the masses to ignore the rigged 2-party system that disenfranchises 70% of all eligible voters. It would force several truths to emerge that would be beneficial to all."

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