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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan: Dream Team or Nightmare?

It is apparent to anyone with a pulse that Obama must be removed from office. The privately-owned major media will have you think that Romney is the way to accomplish that task. But perhaps America voters suffer from memory lapses, as they think that Romney can defeat Obama in November.

I count myself among those with memory and reason, as Romney was a distant third behind Mike Huckabee and eventual GOP nominee Johm McCain. We know the dismal results of 2008, and in an attempt to make a course correction in Congress in 2010 by electing "Tea Party" endorsed candidates to break the stronhold of the liberal left.

With promises of reducing spending and debt, America sent many new faces to Washington with a hope that changes will take place.

Results prove the intentions of those elected then and there is no reason to think that Romney along with Paul Ryan will make changes if elected in November. What is really required is radical change, and that is the only way we can restore our representative republic to the limited government conceived and nurtured by our founders.

Buying the propaganda of the party elite will only result in a further slide into a global takeover and the complete loss of national sovereignty. This is not like any other elected in the history of the United States. This is the election that our enemies have been waiting for since the beginning of the Revolution, and their dreams are about to become our nightmares.

In my previous posts I have demonstrated why Romney is not a good choice for America. In Bigger Sharper Teeth  I listed what a Romney cabinet would look like. Romney supports the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will support war against Iran. The rhetoric about a 'radical' Islamic nation with a nuclear capability seems to justify a policy of preemptive war. That is a dangerous policy at best and one that has been used by those who promote aggression against sovereign nations not because of their threat towards America, but the competition they produce against the petroleum corporations of Great Britain and the United States.

Support for all the military bases the United States built and populated with America troops comes from borrowing money that the nation does not have. True to the warnings of President Eisenhower in his farewell address the 'military industrial complex' poses the most serious threat to our national security. But he failed to warn us about the threat that the central banks pose on our liberty and sovereignty. That is to me the most eminent threat we face as we approach the November elections.

Having your vote count is not merely voting for the candidate(s) who best  represent your ideology and opinions. It is a matter of the integrity of the election and the counting of the ballots. In recent times we have been using machines to make it easier to vote. The cost of this simplicity is the very integrity of the process. Machines can be programmed to cheat and these fixed elections have been reported in many states of the past several years.

What is more important to you? An expeditious result or an accurate and honest count? I choose the latter and I feel that paper ballots are a priority to that integrity. In my post, Protecting The Vote it is explained in detail how this can be done. The important thing to remember is that wherever there is opportunity to cheat, someone will attempt to do so and some will succeed.

Do your patriotic duty and vote for the best candidate and not the lesser of two evils. Evil is still evil whether it is greater or less.


  1. We are lucky to have President Obama. He is the most brilliant President we have ever had.

    Romney/Ryan are a nightmare! They represent the worst of greed in America.

    1. And Ms. Nancy, can you elaborate a bit why you think we are so lucky to have a Kenyan national as a U.S. President? Perhaps you can enlighten me and my followers about Mr. Obama/Soetoro and why it is you feel he is so brilliant?

      By the way, I personally think that Thomas Jefferson was the must intelligent of our Presidents.

    2. And Mr Marsico, please enlighten the rest of us as to how Mr. Obama's nationality effects his ability to perform as U.S president?
      Last I checked your nationality had nothing to do with your ability to perform a task or job?

      And Ms. Nancy, I agree that Romney/Ryan would be a nightmare for the voters to put in office for the next presidential term.

  2. I don't care for Romney nor Obama, but support Ron Paul. What is sad is the media is only showing 2 of the opponents instead of all of them! Scandalous!

  3. Any person who is not a natural born citizen has no loyalty to the Constitution nor the limits of power grant to the Executive Branch. Mr Obama/Soetoro is not an American his actions demonstrate his total disregard to our laws. Further obvious to anyone willing to see is that both parties colude to allow this usurper to proceed.

  4. LOL that is too funny You mean to tell me Im japanese????? my father served in the military. BTW a person that is not born in a hospital gets a cert. of live birth. Hospitals are the on;y ones that give out birth certificates

    1. Natural borm is the issue not the birth certificate. Obama was born in Mombasa (Kenya) so he should never have been on the ballot.