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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Time is Running Out for America

Romney and Ryan are already campaigning as if they have secured the nomination and the privately-owned media is spinning the choice of Paul Ryan as the completion of the GOP dream team. It amazes me how utterly ignorant and forgetful that most Americans seem to be.

The latest comparison portrays the Ross Perot supporters as the reason that Bill Clinton won the Presidency, ignoring the facts that demonstrate that his election was as rigged as the George W. Bush vs. Al Gore election in which the deciding votes in the state of Florida were ignored which would have made Gore the victor. Not that I would have wanted Gore as President, but I did want the election to be honest.

In a post entitled Protecting the Vote I referenced the ease of which computerized voting machines can be rigged without the knowledge of the officials at the polling places. I demonstrate that the only method that can be employed to insure that the election can be held to the highest degree of integrity is through the use of paper ballots.

In my more recent post Romney/Ryan Dream Team or Nightmare researching the facts indicates the dishonesty that both of these candidates have demonstrated through their professional and political careers. Yet most voters will go to the polls in November believing that electing Romney is better than another Obama term, and that playing not to lose is somehow equal to playing to win. Rush Limbaugh in his radio show spoke of this difference at length some time ago. It is one of  the few points that I agree with Mr. Limbaugh, although I disagree with who wold be the best choice for America.

How can we as a nation remain divided in our basic ideology of liberty and expect that we can restore it? Is it not apparent to everyone that listened to the debates that the only candidate who has remained steadfast in his convictions of limited powers and Constitution is Ron Paul? Is it not equally apparent that his honesty and integrity as a doctor and a member of Congress speaks volumes to his ability to restore America to the exceptional greatness that once made it the envy of the world? Does history not show us that neither party is interested in your liberty and mine, but remains the prostitutes of the corporate elite?

The Constitution charges Congress with the duty and responsibility for the peoples currency and yet Mitt Romney insists that it is better to have private banks through the Federal Reserve take that responsibility from the American people through the elected representation of the People's Congress. And by choosing Mr. Ryan as his running mate it further enhances my conviction that Romney has no intention of restoring integrity to the monetary system or to remove the debt that rapidly destroying our nation and enslaving generations of Americans yet to be born.

Without a doubt this November will determine the fate of the United States of America. This election will be the most important in the nation's history as it will be a choice between remaining a sovereign nation or a province of a global government, run not by freely elected representatives of the people, but the executive officers of the banks and the corporations they created under laws that by-pass the Constitution and create instead, Corporate law in which the Corporation has status as a person and where a person is reduced to representation of themselves as a number, a piece of property that is owned by the corporate state.

Under the current laws such as the Patriot Act and NDAA if our founders were alive today they would be labeled as terrorists, anti-government dissidents and insurgents whose aims are to topple the government. And that is exactly what is required when a government begins to ignore the Constitution of the People and creates a tyranny against the very people they are charged to protect.

Perhaps in attempting brevity and to allow readers the opportunity to discover these truths for themselves, I omit many of the books and textual references that prove beyond reasonable doubt that all of these things are truly a great conspiracy to topple the United States as a free nation. How can a nation be free when laws are enacted that prevent the free expression of grievances by the people? How can a free nation allow remote controlled drones to spy on the very people the government is charged to protect? Ben Franklin's quote comes to mind in which he states, "A people willing to give up freedom for the illusion of security deserve neither freedom nor security."

After the Affordable Patient Protection Act was signed into law, Americans voted for new representatives who promised they would repeal it. They also promised that the debt-ceiling would not be raised but spending cuts would be put into effect that would make increasing borrowing unnecessary. Paul Ryan was one of the most vocal on this issue and yet he voted for the increase. And now his deficit reduction plan will not reduce anything for at least thirty years. Where will our nation be in thirty years if spending is not reduced now?

Dr. Ron Paul's budget plan calls for a reduction of $1.5 trillion dollars in his first year of office. His opponents say it is lunacy and yet when you look at how he will accomplish this reduction, it is clear that domestic programs will not suffer in the least. Much of these cuts are in foreign aid and military spending, although the cuts in military spending will increase national defense by securing the borders and the seas. It makes perfect sense to anyone that actually reads his plan and does not rely on the soundbites of the corporate media.

It is going to be a challenge to get a majority of Americans to know the truth because they have become so trusting of what the media tells them. The two major political parties pretend to have diametrically opposed ideologies yet both have fostered bigger government and more spending. As approach the conventions, the media has stepped up its blitzkrieg propaganda to make us believe that the election will be Obama vs. Romney.

If you allow that to be, it will simply be a matter of how fast the ship will sink, but sink it inevitably will. But if you exercise courage and integrity yourselves, you can be part of the revolution that will restore our country to exceptional greatness once again. It is a true patriot's duty to defend and protect the nation, even when that requires the government must be defeated to do so.

Time is running out.


  1. My friends we are in perilous times where the majority of voters of this country have fallen for the right vs left argument. Each side demonizes the other under false pretense that the other side of the aisle is going to ruin this country while they themselves are here to protect you. It is sad that We The People who still are barely clinging to enough power to fix this country would rather treat elections like a college ball game rivalry instead of voting for the best candidate.

    We are teetering on the edge of a cliff that once this beloved beacon of freedom topples over the edge we will not be able to recover. Sadly the Ryan Mitt Dream team are just barely taking this issue a little more serious than the other side. It's like choosing to be shot with a 12ga with buckshot vs a 12ga slug. Both are fatal but with one there might be time for a last breath.

    I cannot fathom why we as a free people are so blindly and even willingly handing over or liberty and freedom to the government. I truly am worried for the future of this country. I personally am comforted a little by the fact that I will never have children because the thought of them growing up in the country we would be leaving them is more than I can stomach.

    Today I saw a news story about three women in Russia who were sentenced to 2 years and prison which was a lenient compared to the 7 years they could have gotten for protesting/public disturbance/hooliganism when speaking out against their government. When I heard this I immediately thought about HR-347 and NDAA. We like to think we as American's are safe from going to prison for exercising our freedom of speech, but with HR-347 and NDAA we are but one accidental or purposeful use of these laws to do the same to us for protesting.

    I am glad I am half way through my life and I might be blessed enough to grow old and die before my country does.

    1. Americans must unite and elect Ron Paul as our 45th President. He is the only statesman and true patriot in the running. The alternatives will cost us our sovereignty as a nation and enslave us all to a global corporate state where we have no rights, only privileges.

    2. I agree 100% Fred. It's disturbing that the only candidate who actually has fulfilled their duty to uphold and defend the constitution is called extreme.