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are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Late Great USA?

The end of the United States will not happen with the roar of war, it will happen with the whimpering of masses who have bought into the lies of government. The privately-owned major media has done its job well. Commentary has replaced unbiased journalism in all of America’s media. Propaganda has replaced news through threats by the political parties as well as the corrupted government they hold power over.

Dan Rather has spelled this out quite eloquently in an interview that probably was not broadcast on the major media outlets. Those who remember him and his abrupt retirement will recall his distaste for the what the media had become. But most of America is either unaware or afraid to admit they have been fooled.

As I continue to post on this blog, and draw attention the tactics by which this usurpation is and has been perpetrated on the people, I am dismayed by  the many who still follow the narrow-minded trust that has led us to this low point in our nation’s history.

A post in April told of how Barack Obama was a narcissist and that nothing was more important than his goals. Titled, The Hope for America: Know Yourself and Set Yourself Free is only about the man in the White House that has fooled everyone including his party supporters. They still think that he will help their special interests. Nothing can be further from the truth. I am worried that he will not relinquish his power even in an election loss, and further, I believe that if he feels that defeat in eminent, he will do whatever it takes to remain in office even if that means declaration of martial law and total suspension of the U. S. Constitution. After all, he has such little regard for it at all.

The recent moves of the Republican National Committee during the primaries and now  the convention, demonstrate they are no more interested in representing the will of the People than are the left. The two-party takeover of the electoral process itself is evident of that. Third-party or independent candidates, true representatives of their constituencies no longer are permitted to participate in the election process in many cases even being barred from inclusion on the ballots.

Although he was a third-rate candidate in 2008, the RNC in their infinite wisdom and controlled media spin have convinced the conservative base of the American electorate that Mitt Romney is the answer to Obama. I pointed out in my post Bigger Sharper Teeth or Romney’s Dirty Dozen just how far from the truth that really is. Just listening to some of the ads that Ron Paul and the DNC have aired, clearly show how many times Romney has flip-flopped on issues depending on who he was attempting to sway. His selection of the Tea Party endorsed Paul Ryan as his running mate brings ire to many of those Tea Party supporters who feel he sold them out by voting for increasing the debt ceiling which for the first time in America history resulted in the credit rating to drop from its AAA status. Speaker of the House John Boehner also promised much that he hasn’t followed through on.

And now, through its own rule breaking and changing, the RNC has locked out delegates that have not pledged allegiance to Romney or who overtly support Dr. Ron Paul. The news coverage reinforces the coronation of Mitt Romney as the nominated candidate even before the first vote of the delegates commences.

All of these examples singly makes me wince and yet where is the collective outrage of the masses? I still get email and text messages that warn me that if I don’t support Romney it will guarantee another term for Obama. And I will once again repeat my stance on this issue for them and everyone else who reads my blog.

There is only one candidate that I can truly support with my conscience and soul: Dr. Ron Paul. I don’t care what his son does or who Rand Paul endorses. Dr. Paul is a proven commodity in his stance for liberty and his love of the Constitution. Standing up to the establishment for his entire political career demonstrates that he is not a patsy for the party.

So for me it is quite simple. Vote for Ron Paul as our 45th President and vote for representatives in both state and national elections who represent people and not corporations. Anything less is a sellout and will result in the death of our nation.

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