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are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday U. S. Constitution: Rest in Peace!

 As I sat down to write another post for the blog, it occurred to me that what really is troubling is the fact that most Americans relish the division in political party rhetoric. The travesty is that most are totally unaware of the divide and conquer plan that the global elitists have created and are about to see the fruits of their evil labors come to be realized.

Since the very founding of America, the bankers of Europe have tried to take this nation down. To control it completely it was necessary to first control the monetary system. What was once the People’s Money soon became the banker’s money.  Twice they failed but the third time was the charm.

With the creation of the Federal Reserve System, they finally rested complete control from Congress, who was mandated by the Constitution to be accountable and responsible for the monetary system. Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution states, “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;” and that should never have been abridged through an Act of Congress. It was a blatant violation of the aforementioned Article, Section, and Paragraph of the Constitution.

Einstein once stated that, “The epitome of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It has never been more obvious than it is today in the face of the Federal Reserve’s QE3 or Quantative Easing round three. The results of the last two attempts only caused more recession and devaluation of the dollar. Why would this time be any different?

In addition to the monetary crisis we now face, we are also being threatened by Islamic extremists who are being coddled by the usurper-in-chief now occupying the White House. Well, he occupies it when he is not campaigning for re-election, playing golf, or apologizing to our enemies.

I don’t think there are many sane people in America who will want four more years of abomination in an Obama Nation, however they are backing a third place loser to unseat an incumbent President. It has never happened before in history and it cannot in all probability happen now.

I wrote in a previous post about how Obama’s backers were doing all they could to keep Ron Paul off of the ballot. (See: Obama Issues "Kill Order" Regarding Ron Paul and Russia Prepares for Nuclear World War III) Even as early as 2010 they realized that Dr. Paul was the most serious threat to another term. Based on the way the Republican Party played into their scheme, the plan worked! And yet they were not satisfied, knowing that the independent voter would not back Mitt Romney nor Obama, so they got Gary Johnson, whose early exit from the GOP nominees to run instead of Ron Paul as the Libertarian Party choice.

The privately-owned major media pounds the two parties’ candidates daily into the minds of the American People, so that they have come to believe the lies as the gospel. When demonstrating this to them, I too am ostracized and ridiculed as a ‘Paul-Bot’ or ‘Paulite’ much the same as Dr. Paul himself was treated by that same media and his own Republican Party. Yet only Dr. Paul has demonstrated his honor and integrity in all of his years in Congress by always voting against bills that violated constitutional law.

Further, of all of the candidates past and present, only Ron Paul put forth a plan to reduce government spending, reduce the size of government, eliminate foreign aid, and build the nation’s defense while reducing the military presence in foreign lands. (See: Ron Paul’s Plan to Reduce the Cost of Government)

I was disappointed in how Dr. Paul was treated in 2008 by the GOP through all of the debates, and really thought that America would see through the farce and demand that he get equal time in 2012.  Why did they allow the persecution of this honorable statesman to continue?

Perhaps it is embarrassment to admit that they have been fooled for so long. It is hard for many to admit they have been duped. Soon they will realize that they have been had but it will be too late.

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