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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sandy Hook vs. End of the World

Blessings and prayers to those lost and those who mourn.

I was going to write a short post about the end of the world, just as I did many years ago with the Y2K disaster predictions, but now that I seem to be getting all of these emails and posts ob Facebook regarding the shootings that killed so many children and adults in Connecticut last week, it seems that I must address this issue from my own unique perspective.

It is always a tragedy when human life is lost seemingly without any sense at all. Whether it be a lone gunman or a suicide bomber, the death and destruction remains senseless.

The knee-jerk reaction to Sandy Hook was the push for banning guns. An obvious rebuttal to that is this: Had teachers in that school had been trained and armed, the tragedy would have been lessened if not avoided. Blaming guns on the senseless murders is no different than blaming pencils for failing tests. Most people don't see the analogy as more  tongue-in-cheek quip, but it is nonetheless an accurate assessment.

Some insisted on having so-called assault weapons banned, since there was no 'use for them' for hunting, and the very nature of these weapons were designed for combat. That being so, it is still in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The right to own and bear arms was not limited to flintlocks and muskets. The very purpose of that right was to arm the citizens and protect them through the right to form militias against any aggression from forces including a tyrannic government.

The very purpose of the Constitution itself was to limit the government, not the People. In the course of American history however, many laws have been enacted that were to benefit the people although they also violated constitutional limits and individual rights. Even today many feel that it is a necessary evil because they have become dependent of a government that gives them benefits at the cost of their own liberties and the burden of taxes on others. Most liberals call it paying their fair share, which as wards of the state, they themselves pay nothing.

The world did not end as many thought it would, based on the incorrect interpretations of a perpetual Mayan calendar. So now we all must go forward and face the realities of a world that is systematically becoming a totalitarian global corporate state, where rights are replaced with privileges and liberty is nothing more than a dream of patriots.

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