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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resolution or Revolution?

What will the New Year bring? As we look back and reflect on the past year, what do we see? Not that we will all see the same things, but so many remain in a state of denial about what they have experienced and what is to come.

I hear and read every day about many things that the government is doing, but all I get from the people is complaining about the same old issues and the rhetoric and denial that got us to this point of turmoil.

The term bantering about lately is that we are 'falling off the fiscal cliff' and that our government is leading us toward that abyss. But I ask as John F. Kennedy did in his inaugural address: "What can you do for America?"

Each of us has the duty and responsibility to be accountable for our own liberties and rights. Each of us when we are united in conviction and ideology can make changes that will restore the integrity of government and the freedoms that so many thousands upon thousands of our ancestors and brethren have fought and died to give us.

Elections were meant to allow the citizens to hold office as representatives of their peers, to protect the rights of their own families and friends, to hold their respective elected counterparts accountable to the People. They were meant to serve a term of office and then to return to their businesses and jobs, knowing they did their part to insure the liberty of themselves and the rest of America.

Prior to 1913, there was no taxing of wages. There was no Social Security numbers, birth certificate numbers, marriage license numbers, or even drivers licenses. Numbers placed upon citizens reduce them to commodities that make them slaves to the corporate state. This was what our founders wanted to prevent by placing before the union a Constitution and the concept of contract law.

By allowing corporations to infiltrate America, and the laws that followed, the law of the land was replaced by the law of the seas, admiralty or maritime law that makes each of us nothing more than property of the corporation. 

It is time to make resolutions for a new year and to end the slavery that has replaced the liberty that was the united States of America, just as our founders did, through the rebellion against tyranny that has become the corporation  THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I will not blame the government for what America has become. In fact, I will not place the blame on the corrupt politicians that perpetrate the treason against all sovereign individuals. No, I will take responsibility to correct the errors and replace the tyranny with liberty, so help me God!

And what will you resolve to do for the New Year?

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