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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meanwhile, Back on The Ranch

This rant is true, accurate, and poignant. It hits the proverbial nail on the head. There are of course other additional concerns and mitigating or amplifying concerns which have already happened in our Nation's past and earlier, which are best left for other posts. One of the major problems has been one of corporate person-hood, as covered in the post, 'Hook Line and Sinker: The Plans Are Revealed Part 2" and another is the stranglehold Corporations have on a corrupt Congress and the all too accommodating U.S.Government.

"Here's Your Black Budget, produced by SaveTheChildrenUK.

As their slogan says, "Just because it isn't happening here - doesn't mean it isn't happening somewhere." Because it definitely IS.

Moreover, US Tax Dollars are currently subsidizing dozens of military engagements, without the consent or the knowledge of the American people, as I write this.

Nobody asked us if we want to meddle in the business of the poor Ukrainians – but – we've got US agents there, doing "our" business for "us" and the US has publicly acknowledged, that they have dedicated a relatively "measly" US$5 billion budget to underwrite our agenda in the current Ukraine fracas.

On the scale of US war spending, this is an infinitesimally small sum: take the the total cost of Operation Enduring Freedom, aka the so-called "Afghan War", which from its inception in October 2001 to the fiscal year 2011 cost the US around $468 billion, with the estimated for the cost for the deployment of a single US soldier in Afghanistan equaling more than US$1 million per year.

But all of the above this truly pales, in comparison to the US$ 6 trillion spent between 2003 and 2012 on the so-called "War in Iraq."

Now, that's what I call "money well spent!"

THAT's an operation that Americans can feel really GREAT about, as it was totally "justified", "legal" and it was such a *smashing* success for FREEDOM! We really ought to be proud of this "thing" that was never even declared a war, at all.

Whatever these two interventionist, undeclared conflagrations should actually be called (I'll go with "war crimes"), which are also incidentally the longest "wars" in US History - they have left some 639,000 US Veterans - almost an entire generation of young Americans – PERMANENTLY DISABLED.

This is to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of innocent civilians in South Asia, who had their countries razed to the ground and whose remaining survivors, today are living in much, much worse conditions than they were before "we" invaded; before whoever hijacked the USA, with the power to summon the US Military and to systematically bankrupt this nation with their bloated budgets - and to essentially annihilate a couple of other countries, in the process - while also jeopardizing the entire Global Financial situation...

How do you like them apples, America?

Whatever happened to my grandmother's sainted Apple Pie?

Whatever happened to the US being the "Good Guys?"

Wait! I almost forgot! An article in the Washington Post, based on information given by Edward Snowden detailed how the US allocated $52.8 billion in 2012 for the Black Budget.

So, that SECRET OF SECRETS is no longer.

But this paltry Black Budget doesn't touch the publicly-acknowledged, approximate US$680 billion yearly budget allocated to the multiple branches of the US Department of Defense, while our schools and roads crumble. I'll leave the mystery of Obamacare fiasco out of this - as this has already become a very long newsletter/rant!

Quite simply, our monies have been outrageously squandered - and behind our backs. Our very souls have been "...sold down de Ribber," to quote the great American 19th century Author, Mark Twain.

Instead living in a Utopian world, which as a child, I completely assumed would be a given by the time I was a adult, with all the technological developments, which would free everyone to be an artist or philosopher - and that all children in the future would receive a powerful, valuable education, such that they'd have the capacity and true knowledge of deep history, geopolitics, all the sciences and technologies - to truly enable everyone to be of service and live up to the "promise of America".

But no - the US Government's priorities have, instead been geared toward the creation of a super-redundant Police State; domestic military divisions which are quite obviously set up to wage war on our own people - and the highest incarceration rate of any other country in the world.

We saw glimpses of this last year in Watertown, MA; where a phalanx of body-armored cops driving urban assault vehicles, busted down the doors of everyone in that neighborhood, without warrants of any kind, with the excuse that they were looking for a 19 year old kid.

This was clearly a test, to see what they could get away with; the soft-launch of 21st Century Fascism, American-style!

The hijacked US Government has prioritized the desecration of our Legal Canons: the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, in favor of SmartBombs, SmartPhones ("All the better to track you with, My Pretty!") - and with the crappy educational system, has encouraged the creation of a large population, dumb vapid people.

All of the above is an excellent formula for America's assured failure in an emerging world, that has VERY different priorities from those of the Cold War; an entity, which seems to be desperately seeking to rear its ugly head, since the demons behind the efforts to launch World War Three are continuously failing.

May their WW3 efforts continue to fail - forever!

Especially since there are clearly enough nuclear "accidents" already in the works and some 150+ nuke plants in the US today, which are virtual replicas of that of Fukushima Daiichi - and similarly creaky with age.

If some kind of unforeseeable Gamma Ray Burst or a large meteor impact - or even a medium-sized EMP blast were to occur - then, we'd be dealing with literally 100s of Fukushimas, at the same time.

Meanwhile, TONS of aerosolized depleted uranium nano-dust blows around, from US wars of aggression in the Middle East, which have for a decade been getting swept by the winds to every corner of the Northern Hemisphere, where it appears that a slow program of genocide/ecoside is puttering along - and like the tortoise, it will unrelentingly arrive at the finish line.

So, as Tax Time approaches, please think about how the sweat of your brow is being used and see if you can schedule-in 10 minutes here and there, to let your alleged government representatives know how you feel about the way our Tax Dollars are being allocated.

Please think about how the Sweat of Your Brow is Being Used and let your alleged Government Representatives know How You Feel about the way our ill-gotten Tax Dollars are Being Allocated."
From Forbidden Knowledge TV

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"A new kind of fascism has taken over America: the merger of corporations and government whereby corporate power dominates. With the emergence of ever-larger multinational corporations – due to consolidation facilitated by the Federal Reserve's endless FIAT money -- the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress.

A James Jaeger Film featuring RON PAUL, Congressman and Presidential Candidate; PAT BUCHANAN, Author and Political Analyst; G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, Author and Producer; EDWIN VIEIRA, Author and Constitutional Attorney and TED BAEHR, Founder of MovieGuide and Christian Film & TV Commission.

A result of the corporate purchase of Congress is that many of the nation's "laws" have been re-configured to benefit WE THE CORPORATIONS, rather than WE THE PEOPLE. "Laws" like NAFTA and GATT resulted in the outsourcing of the U.S. manufacturing base and the destruction of the Middle Class. This is nothing less than the 1 Percenters abusing the 99 Percenters. Known as "monopoly capitalism," "crony capitalism," "mercantilism," "globalization," "the new world order," and/or "free trade" – this is NOT your Grandfather's capitalism." From Youtube

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