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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hope & Change: Super Failure

I know that many Americans are disappointed and even stressed at the the dismal results of the Super Committee's failure to reach a deal. The Democrats will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame the Democrats. In fact, the finger pointing has already begun, and that is no surprise either.

The fair and balanced but conservative leaning major media outlet will have you believe that a former third placed Presidential candidate is the nation's best hope of defeating Obama. As if that is the only goal that We the People have.

I can't say that I find either party lacking in fault for where we are today. Both parties have contributed to a bloated federal bureaucracy, unbridled spending, and ridiculous laws, mandates, regulations and taxes that have only served to drive manufacturing out of the US and into more business friendly nations around the world. But some candidates will have you think that it's China's fault. Not so.

The blame lies with We the People plain and simple. Yes, it's all your fault for buying the bullshit that both major political parties and the privately-owned major media spoon-feed you daily. Why didn't Romney beat McCain in 2008? What makes Romney capable of beating Obama now? I can beat the sitting President with the record he has compiled thus far. But I am not seeking office. But I do have a candidate that I will support and vote for.

In my life, I have never found a candidate that represents the People with such honesty and sincerity, with such strict adherence to the Constitution, as Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's record stands out among all representatives in both Houses, as exemplary in voting and voicing the will of We the People.

Ron Paul predicted the housing market crisis a decade or more ago and everyone said he was a lunatic. He voted against every single bailout offered and against most spending bills that did not include spending for the military troops in combat and support roles in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he wants to bring them all home now!

He is the only Presidential candidate who has spoken out against the secretive practices of the Federal Reserve Board, calling for an audit of the Fed and its eventual replacement with sound money. Money that is backed by assets of gold and silver, reserves of oil and coal, natural gas and other commodities that boost the GDP instead of reduce it.

Ron Paul's courage is displayed when he stands up against all sanctions against Iran for their development of a nuclear weapon. He points out how many nukes Russia (former USSR) and China have and how we played war games with those nuclear arsenals without attacking each other. Common sense instead of emotional response to the spin by the military minded.

He is all for defense of our nation and wants to secure our borders from criminals and terrorists, not just illegal immigrants that come here as many legal immigrants do, for the opportunities to become self reliant and even prosperous. And he is all for taking away the "magnets" of social programs that further entice people to come here illegally while burdening the People with the bill.

Ron Paul will be a President that will restore the rights of the sovereign States and to the sovereign People residing in them. He will reduce the size of government, reduce the pay of government officials and employees to equal that of the private sector, so as not to compete with the private sector for employees.

Isn't it time we all stopped picking from the same menu offered by the two major parties and the media?

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