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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Change and The Brighter Future To Come: or Barry's Best Foot Forward: or American Business As Usual

When Solyndra hit the wall of insolvency, all that could be heard were the echoes of the person occupying the Presidency: "this loan will generate hundreds of jobs insuring Solyndra a brighter future". The $535 million loan was expanded by another $75 million and Solyndra’s expenditures, just to build the plant, cost an estimated $733 million. With those words and figures in mind, more than a thousand people are jobless many are losing or have lost their homes and for them times are, indeed, really tough. More than 900 are still without steady employment.

After the bankruptcy on September 6, a House of Representatives subcommittee hearing was called to ask questions of company officials. The company's CEO, Brian Harrison, and chief financial officer, W.G. Stover, were called and both invoked their Fifth Amendment rights and in response to questions said nothing.

The interesting point of this debacle is not concerning the Solyndra employees, not concerning the increase in future jobs at Solyndra, not concerning the private investors in Solyndra, not concerning the "Made in America" products, not concerning the increase in "Jobs in America", and certainly not concerning solar panels or the "Green Industry." And unquestionably not concerning who the criminals are, how much money they got, and why they aren't all in prison.

As memos, Emails, and testimony have clearly shown without doubt, the concern of all the major players involved everywhere, as if it were just a board game to win at any cost, were solely political and had nothing to do with making our Nation strong in manufacturing or profitable for the citizens who work to make a life for themselves and their families. The sleazy dealings of the White House, political appointees at the DOE, and campaign contributors being repaid for helping the person occupying the Presidency. With the political favors repaid, taxpayers left to pay the costs, move on, nothing to see here, more change is necessary. 

You don't need sunglasses to see all that remains are just another business failure and lives that lay in ruins.

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