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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Attention: The World's Last Chance

This coming November, the American People will decide the future of the nation and the so-called free world. This is going to be more than a contest between the two dominating political parties and the liberal or conservative agendas each purport to uphold.

No, this November's Presidential election will decide whether the United States of America will be a sovereign nation, or like many of its European brethren, succumb to a Corporate State such as is the European Union. There is no other alternative when you take an honest look at what the choices are and how the privately-owned major media further inhibits choice by focusing on the chosen few that will make little difference in truly changing the course of this nation and restoring it to the thriving republic that was both the envy and the goal of every other nation.

There are other nations who have people awakening to the beat of the drums of liberty, but the sounds of guns and artillery fire are drowning them out. How we handle our own freedom will determine more than our own fate.

Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetero, a.k.a. The illegitimate occupier of the Presidency, has done more to undermine the well-being of the United States than all of our enemies could do in over two hundred years. That includes destroying the manufacturing base that was the industrial backbone that kept America thriving. And it also includes the collusion with the privately-owned Federal Reserve System to bankrupt the United States and force the nation to acceptance of a new currency and a new government. In other words, the end of the Republic that was once based on the Constitution.

I listen very carefully as all of his would be opponents debate and orate the issues and the dangers of another four years of an Obama White House. Romney touts his experience in business as a positive. In business I am sure he is adept, but the record indicates that his ability to work with a liberal majority leaves much to be desired. If the issue was only health care then Dr. Ron Paul would seem to be the most qualified to deal with that issue. If it was merely a matter of repealing laws and freeing up businesses to operate without suffocating government regulations and taxes then Newt Gingrich would seem adequate. If it wasn't for his proven dishonesty and marital infidelity he might make a good cabinet member.

Then there is former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who is portrayed as a good Catholic family man with impeccable morals and a social policy that would take the same strict religious doctrines and imp[pose them as federal law. Like both Romney and Gingrich, Santorum is all for attacking Iran preemptively to protect our ally Israel, even knowing that Israel stated by way of the speech given by Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, that Israel does not need the U.S. to help. Since neither we nor Israel depends on any oil from Iran why do we even care? When Israel discovered Syrian nuclear intentions they handled it. And America condemned their actions in the White House and Congress. Only Congressman Ron Paul stood and defended Israel's right to defend itself without requiring any permission from the U.S.

Although his opponents and all of the media call him an isolationist and claim that his foreign and military policies will leave the nation defenseless, Ron Paul receives more support in contributions and currently voter support from the military than all of the other GOP candidates and the President combined. Why is that so? Could they possibly know more about what is going on in battle than what is reported in the media? Do you think that just because a foreign news source shows a differing perspective that theirs is any more correct or unbiased as the ones we see here on our national networks? Don't you think that their media is also biased, only not in favor of the bullies of the globe?

There are many issues that can be debated and discussed through the next millennium and some may get resolved and others will not. The only issue that really matters to all Americans is whether we want to be a nation of free and sovereign individuals or slaves. Yes, really I do mean slaves because that is what will happen if America defaults. The banks are licking their chops already because they have been given so much of our money that at least the next two or three generations will be paying the debts incurred in the present.

Only Ron Paul has put out a truly comprehensive and yet simple plan to restore our nation to Constitutional law and save its solvency. His $1 Trillion dollar cuts in his first year in office will do more to restore economic stability that all of the other plans including the nation destroying current one. And removing five cabinet departments will deregulate mores businesses which will promote growth in the private sector. It will be needed as President Paul will be bringing troops home from around the world, no longer being the policemen for every nation that “wants protection” from their enemies. They must shoulder the economic burden, not U.S. Taxpayers, with their money and the lives of their family members.

I am not a Democrat nor a Republican so as a local favorite talk show host likes to say, “I don't have a dog in the fight.” However, I am an American, a natural and native-born son. And as the city of my birth is also credited as being the birthplace of a nation, it is my patriotic duty to also uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, from all enemies both foreign and domestic. And while I do not hold office nor am I a sworn enforcement officer, it would be negligent of me not to make known to the public any infraction of the law that is perpetrated on the People.

I do not trust that the man who now calls himself President of the United States is qualified to hold that office any longer. He has demonstrated his inability to govern in every manner possible; leaving our nation an embarrassment as a once great power, now a bankrupt nation, not only in financial capital but moral capital as well.

We have candidates that are propped up by the GOP as the best to beat Obama, but truth be known, he is already defeated:  it only remains to choose who will lead us with policies of freedom and choice, of reducing government and not expansion, who will restore sound economic and monetary policies. In addition, a candidate who will embrace commerce and trade as the principle means of enjoying friendship with foreign nations and not military threats.

If we are to spread liberty throughout the world, it must be accomplished by example and not by force. We cannot force China to stop manipulating its own currency to remain competitive as Mitt Romney suggests, we need to have the capability restored for Congress to do the same thing so that our U.S. dollar remains strong and viable against the rest of the world's currencies. Ron Paul is the only candidate that fully understands this and has a plan to restore sound money.

Yet there is one more important reason why all freedom loving Americans need to follow what our troops are telling us and not the privately-owned major media. And that is Ron Paul will have a very strong military defense without having over one-half million troops stationed in foreign lands. And he will be strong on freedom for all Americans and will ask Congress to repeal the Patriot Act, the NDAA, will remove the TSA from all airports and place the security burden on the airlines where it belongs.

Ron Paul's answer to income tax is to repeal it also. Ending the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service will mean that Congress and the Treasury Department will have more responsibility with accountability directly to the People. Many of the federal programs that funded States will no longer be necessary so the States and their residence will have more of their own money to do what is best for them and not what some bureaucrats in Washington think is best. That includes repeal of laws that restrict liberty of individuals and others that were never meant to be the jurisdiction of a national government.

So the choices are: Ron Paul and the restoration of liberty and the means for the United States to once again thrive or: A slow or rapid fall into a bankrupt nation that will be taken over and become a few provinces of a greater North American Union, complete with a new set of privileges for some and restrictions for all of the slave population that is fit enough to provide work. The rest will be a burden to the Corporate State and therefore an expense that cannot justify continuance.

And the Democrats accuse the Republicans of throwing Grandma over a cliff!

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