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Friday, February 17, 2012

Who Would Have More Votes?

Headlines tell the stories of the recent rash of vote fraud being perpetrated on the nation.  2010 was a busy year for prosecutors dealing with vote fraud issues, and 2012 is shaping-up nicely to be a record year for indictments and convictions.

It has now been reported and in a very clear fashion that the caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada, were all severely compromised not only in regard to fraudulent voter registration, fraudulent street lists, and individual voters registered and reported as voting in two or more States, but violations of caucus rules, fraudulent counting tallies, fraudulent tallied numbers reporting, and in addition to to those problems, unreported and uncounted county or district tallies, missing district ballots, etc. The list of violations and types of fraud continues growing as information is collected. Virginia authorities have identified the Gingrich campaign of fraudulent registration practices. Other states' authorities have identified many irregularities or frauds of various kinds. The numbers are in the hundreds of thousands of votes with numbers growing.

Vote fraud is a serious problem. Every American citizen is denied of civil rights every time vote fraud occurs. The injury is felt when legally cast votes are negated by the fraudulently cast votes. This leads to the core American belief of “one person, one vote” being frivolous and places elections in doubt as vote fraud pervades our election process. Vote fraud is not a victimless crime, everyone becomes the victim.

Some of these frauds are so extensive that federal authorities have begun investigations. It is now without doubt that many state GOP committee leaders have reported Romney as having won whichever, when it fact he had not. In fact, a large majority of the frauds has called to mind the saying "the-ends-justify-the-means." The ends in this situation are Romney, or Santorum, or Gingrich coming out ahead in numbers depending on where the numbers were tallied. These criminal activities of the RNC and the collusion of the privately-owned major media to sway the citizens, by reporting false numbers and in a few instances reporting final vote tallies before the tallies were finished being counted, into thinking Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich are being voted for more often than another candidate.

It is interesting to note that a new study finds that millions of the names on U.S. voter rolls appear in more than one state... or on tombstones. The Pew Center on the States found and has reported millions of invalid registrations remain on the books, including an "army of (potential) zombie voters" who remain registered long after they died. Voter registration in the following data are just one gateway to election fraud, and place in question the integrity of our elections. Here is a part of the problem:  1.8 million Deceased Americans whose voter registration remains active, 2.75 million People registered in more than one state, 68,725 Voters registered in three states, 1,807 Voters registered in more than three states, 51 million Americans who are eligible to vote, but remain not registered, 12 million People registered under addresses that are old or have errors severe enough that mailings are unlikely to reach them, 24 million Voter registrations that are inaccurate or no longer valid — nearly 13 percent of the names currently on voter rolls nationwide, a total of 76 Percent of eligible adults who are registered to vote in the U.S. Most, if not more than these kinds of, problems have been an ongoing problem for tens of decades.

Americans must take it upon themselves to insure integrity in the election process since clearly the election officials are alowing it to happen and restore the importance of voting. In regard to voters, this will require the implementation of safeguards such as photo identification requirements, an adequate period for elections officials to verify voter registrations before the elections, and a close eye on the abuse of absentee voting. In regard to the process, this will require printed rules that are understandable. In regard to the procedure, an adherence to Robert's Rules of Order. It is up to us as citizens to ensure that every legally cast vote counts.

Who would rig an election so that their opponents would have more votes?

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