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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cow Chips And The Tortoise: Or How BLM Pushes Agenda 21 While Reid Profits

I have not been compelled to write anything about the recent Clark County Nevada cattle grazing rights dispute between the Cliven Bundy Ranch and various  federal agencies that have in effect, taken over much of Bunkerville and designated 'First Amendment Zone' by which they really mean the rights of the First Amendment are suspended in any area they don't declare as the First Amendment Zone.

At first it seemed that it was about nonpayment of lease fees. Then it seemed to be a dispute about limitations on grazing due to environmental protections mandated by (BLM?) By now it seems more about the U.S. Bureau of Land Management using force on an American rancher to push forth the plans for a concentrated solar power plant to be erected by ENN of China.

That is not only an infringement of rights of the individual, but it is being done at gunpoint and by individuals who may be contract mercenaries that are foreign nationals. In other words, these people have no regards for US law nor respect for your rights whatsoever. These people are here for one reason:  To take your guns, your rights, your property, and the penalty for noncompliance is death. 

The videos that are being shown on the Internet regarding confrontations between these hired goons and the good People of Clark County coming to the aid of one of their own, clearly show the complete disregard of anything and anyone who challenges their 'mission.'

While the fed seem to have backed down for the moment, real intelligence sources indicate they are planning a fill scale attack on the Bundys, probably like Ruby Ridge or Waco. Only this time its about tortoises and cattle. And may I interest you in purchasing a very nice bridge?

There are many distracting stories in the privately-owned major media so the Bundy issue is not being given too much coverage if at all. To many as it is being played in the media, this is just some stubborn cowboy that refused to pay his bills. It's being glossed over in favor of Lois Lerner, Oscar Pretorius, and other issues of far less importance in how it will directly affect the lives of all Americans.

Senate Majority Leader and liar, Harry Reid and his son Rory are certainly living up to their ancestry. Both have heavy ties to what is transpiring in Nevada, as their appears to be financial gain and once again, use of federal agencies for personal if not political profit. Hard to say which is worse, but then what difference since both are being used to destroy our liberty and economy.

They said this was about lease fees and that the cattle were going to be confiscated and taken to auction to pay $300,000 or $1,500,0000 depending on which cow chip you choose to swallow. That flew out the window when it was evident that no livestock  auction would accept the cattle with Bundy's brand from anyone but Bundy. So 130 are alleged to have been slaughtered by the thugs contracted to round them up for the BLM.

They were well prepared to slaughter the Bundys and anyone else who stood between them and their 'mission.' Is this really about cows and tortoises? Really?

It seems to me that the laws, mandates, and regulations that would deprive the People from earning an honest living as their family has been doing since the 1800's are laws that are against the very principles of the nation's founding.

There is only one thing that causes me to focus on the Bundy issue:  LIBERTY!

"Government is the Servant, not the Master!"
- Judge Andrew Napolitano

What will you do?

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