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are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Planned Paranoia: The Fear of Firearms

Laws that prohibit firearms do nothing to prevent nor deter crime. The facts speak for themselves, regardless of what the fear mongers preach. Disarming the People is necessary for complete control. Every tyranny passed ever more restrictive laws until outright confiscation was implemented.

With the passage of unconstitutional laws in the Constitution State, Connecticut has proven my point:  confiscation is eminent and unless We the People rise up, all of our freedoms are lost.

The Esteemed Readers of Fix America are well aware of how we reached this point in America's demise. Starting with Lincoln's martial law which has never really been dismissed, and moving through to the NDRP and executive orders that can only be followed by usurpers of the Constitution, we are at that fork in the road and must choose the path we will follow.

It is always easier to say, 'Que sera, sera!' And just go along. That is what the good people of Germany did as National Socialism festered in their nation. History demonstrates the results in these so-called 'revolutions' against well established governments. Our own founders described this concern in the Declaration of Independence, as they further listed the oppression and usurpation of Common Law and the restrictions placed on natural rights.

The right to keep and bear arms was assumed to be part of the natural rights, those being life, liberty and property.  The fear that a government would at some point attempt to disarm the People, prior to oppressing them, it was insisted to be placed as an enumerated right which governments were forbidden to legislate against.

By highlighting certain crimes in the media, the policy pushers of big and powerful government control instill fear in the public, and use that fear to press for regulations that will prohibit certain types of 'criminals' from having all of their rights. Such is the federal law that prohibits a person charged and convicted of a felony crime from ever owning a firearm. That is unconstitutional, plain and simple.

control advocates will ask, "Do you want ex-cons having guns?" to which I say, "Those who want them will get them, regardless of the law." Breaking the law is why they were convicted in the first place! "But when they get caught with a gun, they get stiffer sentences." To which I say, "If the crime they committed was such that the sentence paid restitution to the victim, instead of allowing the convict to live on taxpayer resources, maybe they would not be repeat offenders!"

Law needs to provide justice. Laws that create criminals from law-abiding people are not just laws. They are created by planning and planting fear in the reporting of crimes, school shootings, mall shootings, now military base shootings. If more people carried weapons there would be less of this, not more.

For many years, I never carried so much as a pocket knife and now I carry a weapon always.  I respect a business's wishes when posted 'No firearms', and I find another place to spend my money and time when I do. I imagine that most of the loudest advocates for gun laws are the ones who need not have a weapon. Their display of fear and paranoia is good reason not to own or bear firearms. 

For the rest of us We the People will decide NOT the government!

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  1. Many people keep firearm for target shooting , hunting or for home safety. It is not necessary that to disarm the people will help in controlling crime. First of all illegal supply of guns to criminals should be control.

    1. The Second Amendment says. "shall not be infringed." No gun laws are valid. Now if criminals are obtaining arms and committing crimes, AFTER they have served prison time, then it seems obvious the punishment did not deter them.

      I suggest that determent is what is needed, not laws regarding guns, but laws regarding crimes!