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There are fundamental flaws in how American government operates today,
contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
I intend doing something about it: by educating and informing others who
are not even aware of the dangers.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

T'is The Season

It is not by coincidence that this time of year has so many celebrations and holidays. In Judaism, in Christianity, in Islam, there are holy days celebrated. So many have been "lost" since "pagans" were converted to Christianity. Others were simply adopted to Christian meanings.

The harvest season in Paganism and many ancient religions were the celebration of the abundance and the bounty, thanking the "Goddess" which became "Mother Nature." All Hallow's Eve which celebrated the time when the window or veil between the two worlds of the living and dead was at its thinnest and therefore a  time when communion was possible. Christianity used it as a tool. Ghosts and goblins, gremlins and witches, "scared off" by ugly faces carved in pumpkins, a plentiful gourd that was harvested in the early fall.

Thanksgiving celebrates with a feast of that harvest bounty, and is credited to the "pilgrims" of early America, who celebrated with the native tribes who although wary, were welcoming and offered to share in the abundance. At least until enough greedy Europeans decided they no longer wished to share. They just took what they wanted and then when the native nations rebelled, they were labeled as savages and were slaughtered.

In Christmas we also have many traditions that were changed to fit the holiday and appease the other religious beliefs. The "present" under the tree was originally a very special mushroom, one that had unique psychoactive properties. The "Magic Mushroom" of many legends and myths. But such a mind expanding revelation was intolerable to a strict belief in Christian Scripture and had to be made into something more acceptable to the Church.

It would take a book of several volumes to depict and explain all of the various traditions that were incorporated in the Christmas holiday. Much of the information is readily available to those who choose to do the research.

There is a common theme that can be embraced by people of all faiths: Love and Peace. Goodwill to (hu)man. Giving to others. Instead what we have in the world today is conflict, divisiveness, hate, oppression, and selfishness.

Our governments in just about every major nation promotes hate while pretending to be about peace. If all nations are peaceful, then why is there so much war and death? There must be a simple answer to it.

I propose that peace is not profitable. Those who finance the weapons of war, the manufacturers of weapons reap fortunes while millions go hungry and without medical care. Those who are caught in the conflicts simply die. The blame lies with the banks that back the war machine.

Remember that phrase, "What if they had a war and nobody came?"

The best methods for peace start with love and tolerance. Focus on the commonalities and accept the differences. But do not tolerate ignorance and lies. Teach those who do not know and be truthful always. Love with all your heart and soul.

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