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Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Your Health! Hydrogen Peroxide

It makes sense that if the government was truly concerned about the well-being of the public, health care costs needs to be secondary to the actual treatments and cures. Since its founding, the American Medical Association has done little to further, in fact, the contrary is obvious since is accomplished for the benefit of patients.

AMA founder and first Director Morris Fishbien, was from the start a man driven by profit and power. While there may me times when a well intentioned few may sit on the AMA board, for the most part of its existence, it has catered to the drug industry as its primary sponsor and contributor.

Modern “medicine” has stood in the path of cures and healing now since the AMA’s founding and its marriage with the pharmaceutical industry. The influence of drugs is evident in how the medical education changed over the last 100 years. Prior to that, flowers, herbs, leaves, roots, etc. were the derivative sources for drugs. Now it is mainly based on toxic chemicals that would be considered poisonous in larger doses, and in many cases they do prove to be, as the number of side effects, usually far outweigh the therapeutic value.

And yet the attack on natural remedies magnifies whenever such a natural treatment is brought to the attention of the media and the masses. Such has been the case with cannabis but what about something completely effective and natural as hydrogen peroxide?
From the Educate Yourself site you will find a great article on the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. But why is it that the bottle available at most chain store pharmacies sell it for less than a dollar while the food grade sells for so much more? A quart in Rite-Aid for example costs about ninety five cents where a pint of food grade costs over twenty dollars? Concentration of  the food grade hydrogen peroxide is much higher. A thirty five percent concentrate for food grade, versus three or four percent for over-the-counter antiseptic. But then the food grade does not contain any addition chemicals necessary as stabilizers since the pure H2O2 has no additives one would expect that its price is less.

On a cellular level, H2O2 is produced to fight bacteria and other infections. It seems that its oxidizing qualities are beneficial when properly used as an additive with a nutritional diet and good exercise. The latter two are always emphasized when speaking of maintaining good health. So why is H2O2 not?

It’s all about profits. Plain and simple it comes down to profits.


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