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Sunday, November 18, 2012

To Your Health! Alternative Cancer Treaments

When my late wife Cyndi was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, she was too far gone for conventional treatments. Tumors had spread into her spine and brain and the oncologists could not even perform radiation therapy on her. They sent her home under hospice care to die.

I began researching alternative treatments but many of them required travel to alternative cancer treatment centers and we could not afford the travel nor the treatment. I ran across a physician locally who pointed my to a website called Cancer Tutor. There I discovered several treatments that promised results and none were by any means conventional.

The first of two that seemed promising was sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup. An Italian doctor published an article about something called Insulin Potentiation Therapy or ITP. The theory is that when you starve cancer cells of sugar, they are more receptive to the chemotherapy drugs. This has been used with limited success in treating patients who would be otherwise too weak to survive a full dose of  the drugs.

So what if you use a natural alternative to the chemotherapy drug but reduce the sugar intake also? I read about Dr. Tullio Simoncini and sodium bicarbonate on several websites. See: 

One method suggests using 1 part Sodium bicarbonate to 3 parts pure maple syrup. With nothing to lose I mixed up and cooked a batch while Cyndi was still in the hospital. I brought it to her in a small medicine bottle and asked her to try it. Besides the fact that she likes it, I noticed that her catheter bag had a white mucus oozing into it. When I asked a nurse about it I was told that it was due to the antibiotics she was being dosed with via IV. But when I came in the next day, I saw bag that contained the antibiotics were gone, but I did bring another batch of the SB/MS and about twenty minutes after ingesting it, the same mucus flowed into the catheter bag.

I also read about oxygen therapies that included pure oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. In my previous post To Your Health! Hydrogen Peroxide   I wrote about hydrogen peroxide treatments for infections. 

I didn't get the opportunity to treat her with IV ozone or hydrogen peroxide. By the time I found a physician willing to run an IV, Cyndi passed on.

Instead of being negative and looking to blame the doctors, hospice and hospital, I have chosen to pass this information on so that others may benefit and not suffer the loss I have experienced.

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