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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Fond Farewell: The Last American Statesman

We may never know what America would have been had the American People stood up to the parties in force and elected Dr. Ron Paul as their 45th President. It is an equally sad day for those Texans that he has represented admirably for twenty three of the last thirty five years in the House of Representatives.

No one person has stood before the Congress with such integrity and honesty in defending the Constitution and the liberties of All Americans as Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul, the distinguished gentleman from Texas.

I have written about Dr. Paul over these last four years in my effort to educate and inform my followers and readers why it would be in the best interest of all Americans to have this statesman as our President. In the post What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? I explained through the words of Bill Sardi the policies of Dr. Paul and how they would restore economic solvency, reduce debt, and restore our monetary system to a soundness that has been absent since the beginning of the Federal Reserve System.

To allow Dr. Paul to say it in his own words I present here the full transcript of his farewell address to Congress, courtesy of the Campaign for Liberty website. You can read the Farewell Speech here.

Added the YouTube video!

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