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contrary to the Constitution and the vision of a representative republican form of governance.
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are not even aware of the dangers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Results Are In: America Lost!

And so it came to pass, that the American people believed that the government was better equipped to care for their needs than they could themselves, and so when they were given the opportunity to stand on principles, they instead chose to shirk responsibility and hide behind the illusion of security.

Even after four years of broken promises and shattered dreams, they ignored common sense and logic. The emotional fervor that swept a little known young Senator into the Presidency in 2008 was replaced with an acceptance of fate.

When I first started writing about the elections to come back in 2010, it seemed that the most relevant issue was how the Republican Party was going to respond to the overwhelming support they received from the Tea Party, mostly independent voters who for the most part, were not pleased at all with how the Democratic President and his Congressional majority handled the debt crisis, the health care issue, and the joblessness in America.

A young Congressman, Paul Ryan won his seat on promises of no compromises regarding spending or debt ceiling increases, and yet even after his broken promises to the American taxpayers, he was selected as the running mate for a third-rate GOP nominee.

Even with widespread reports of vote fraud and delegate fraud by the Republican National Committee and many of the state committees, conservative Americans somehow held the belief that they could somehow topple the incumbent President simply by campaigning on negativity.

The American people can be fooled by the people they came to trust. The privately-owned major media was all in President Obama’s corner, never wavering their loyalty to a man who has underhandedly done more to obliterate the Constitution of the United States of America and the rule of law, than any President since Woodrow Wilson. Wilson of course signed the Federal Reserve Act which place the wealth of the American People in the hands of private banks. President Obama has shown himself to be one up on that by selling the wages of children and grandchildren to the banks even before they are born.

I have written many posts in these past two years outlining the danger and I have been ridiculed by some and simply dismissed by others. I have constantly read comments that Romney will beat Obama since he is the lesser of two evils. But when the majority of the People spoke, they were satisfied with the present evil and did not want to change to a man who consistently changed his own platform to suit the current trend.

After the Republican National Convention was over, an early GOP nominee dropout emerged as a third party choice. Gary Johnson became the Libertarian party candidate and began his campaign with Ron Paul’s ideology. His results did not hurt either of the party favorites although there are a few people who think that his support hurt Romney.

The thing that hurt Romney the most is Mitt Romney. He fell further from grace by selecting a running mate who had lied to the American People to get into office and whose budget and spending plans would take 30 years to show any improvement in the government.

Ron Paul supporters were even asked to back Romney after Dr. Paul was shunned by the GOP and pretty much locked out of a speaking role in Tampa. I for one did not feel I could back the man nor the party that exhibited such blatant disregard to ethics and the rule of law.

So now we face another four years of an Administration of secrecy instead of transparency, of legislation from appointed czars and directors instead of Representatives and Senators. It seems evident that America in heading towards its end. Liberty and rights are mocked by this President. He has blatantly shunned the rule of law, placed Americans abroad in grave danger, ruined any chance of an economic recovery in the foreseeable future, has made executive orders his method to take dictatorial control of this nation, while his supporters are praising him.

There are many dictators in history who ruined their countries by taking the same route to destruction as President Obama. And it seems the majority of Americans are either ignorant of history or just choose to ignore it.

Where will we be in four years? Will American be a sovereign nation or part of a global government? 

We will soon know!

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