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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Are We Targets of Terrorists?

Everyday we are bombarded with media from all parts of the world regarding terrorism, and much of it seems to be targeting Americans.  Aside from the issues in the Middle East, much of it is also against America's ally Israel; we still do not have an answer that addresses the true reasons why.

The most recent killings of Americans in Benghazi was blamed on a video. I doubt that anyone with an ounce of intelligence will believe that. It seems far-fetched to assume that such a production can be responsible for such atrocities when there is no connection between the two other than Islam and American clashes in ideology and propaganda. Both sides are equally guilty of their own atrocities, one in the name of Allah and the other in the name of freedom. 

Neither Allah nor freedom can condone the murder of innocent people whose only crimes are difference of ideology or religion. The war of words is more inflammatory than what the so-called diplomats are willing to admit.

The finger pointing is not correctly targeting the real culprits in all of this. The banks and the manufacturers of weapons of war are the ones who always profit no matter who wins. It is they who profit from war no matter who wins.

"All men are created equal..." as quoted from the American Declaration of Independence, however they do not all find equal station in life. Some are content with a simple yet charitable life, while many others feel the temptation of greed and power to be more appealing to their wants.

The Constitution for the United States makes it clear that the founders of this once great and prosperous nation felt that above all, liberty of the individual was the most relevant issue of any union of States in forming a nation. The laws which govern the People, were by and large, those which were based on the simple rule that we all our accountable for our own actions, and those actions must not infringe upon the rights of others in order that they be permissible in a civil society.

The very idea that any one people is more relevant than others is arrogant in the least and detrimental to the well being of all others. In the original words, it was, "the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" which was changed to include the right to property. Property is subject to interpretation which does not necessarily include land ownership. That concept was brought to these shores by feudal systems of Europe where owning lands was an elevation to one's station in life. The many nations of North America had no concept of owning the land. They were merely using it and left it as their needs dictated, and mostly did what they could to return it to its original pristine state when they moved on.

When World War II ended and a piece of land in the desert was designated as the new home of the many survivors of the Nazi death camps, Great Britain was the "owners" of the lands they called Palestine. It was also the British who armed the nomadic tribes they called Arabs to try and keep the Jewish state from forming, in spite of the efforts of many other allied nations and the United Nations to make it a reality.

The Nazis themselves had polluted the minds of those nomadic tribes to prevent many Jews from escaping to a safe sanctuary instead of facing death in the many camps built to exterminate them. Perhaps religion does play a part in all of this.

The Holy Roman Church probably did more to hurt the nations of Islam in their Crusades than all of the Israeli Jews did. And while I cannot simply condone retribution as just cause for killing innocent people, it does seem that a workable solution can be had if both sides can be made to own up to their own atrocities and agree to live with each other in harmony and peace.

After all, we in the United States have grown because of our acceptance and tolerance of the many immigrants who came here to find a new life of peace and prosperity. Tolerance only needs to be acceptance of the differences without changing one another's beliefs in regards to religion.

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